Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sega Saturn region-free Bios released by d4s.

"Yeah, so I hacked the Sega Saturn Bios and removed regional lockout and CD authenticity checks. Obviously, that was the reason I was dying to get a Saturn a couple of days earlier. Thanks to an unnamed individual, I've got one now and promptly installed that modified Bios.

Good news first: regional lockout bypass works just fine on real hardware.
Install this Bios in your Saturn and play any authentic game in any video mode you like, no need for clunky switches or cartridges anymore.

The bad news: Although the CD authenticity checks in the Bios have been removed, CD-R copies still don't boot.
I basically have zero debugging capabilities on real hardware, so I can't really tell what the exact problem is, but credible sources suggest that the CD interface has to be unlocked by initializing with a genuine Saturn disc before being able to boot a game disc. This is rather unsatisfying, but I'm releasing this anyway, it's better than nothing."


His homepage:
The Bios:
Bios Mirror:

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  1. Thats fantastic! I'll give it a shot later as soon as i figure out how to flash my bios;)



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