Sunday, February 28, 2010

TimeCop complete beta released for Mega-CD

This is now floating around on the torrent sites so you'll have to go digging in google for it , heres some comments from the dumper:

"Here's a rare gem. what we have here is the FULL MegaCd Version of Time Cop (PAL), this is NOT the 1 level demo that's 5meg or so, this is a full game with Cd Audio Tracks, blows the super nintendo version out of the water as far as the sound goes, starts off with some guitar & everything. File comes from a MegaDrive Coder by the name of mcoder, so all the credit goes to him for sharing this piece of gaming history."

Pictures from the complete beta:

Video of the older 1-level beta:

Sukeban Deka II for SMS translated

Enigmaopoeia and Hungdongs has translated this awesome sms game that has a even more famous movie and series based on it.

"Sukeban Deka II for the Sega Master System is now in English. If you've never heard of it (and probably 3 people in the western world have), it's a hybrid digital comic/brawler based on a Japanese movie from the 80's. I made a couple improvements such as expanding the rom to give room for all the text and increasing your health so that you don't die quickly like in the original version. There's no password or save feature, but it's a very short game and can be easily beaten in an hour or so. This is also the first released translation for enigmaopoeia who did a great job on the text considering how corny the source material was."

Grab the patch here:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril released!

Retrousb has released a new commercial game for Nintendo 8bit called Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril so go and buy it here:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Soulstar prototype dumped for Sega 32X

The good people over at saturno has once again dumped something interesting and this time its the unreleased version of Soulstar for 32x , this game was commercially released for megacd/segacd and theres also a prototype released for atari jaguar cd.

You can grab it at the bottom of this page (might need to register to the forum to download):

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Kale and Haze got this really obscure shitty funny game running in mame!

check it out:

Earthworm Jim 2 sega saturn prototype released.

The spaniards over at sega saturno has released what appears to be a more complete prototype of Earthworm Jim 2 for sega saturn than the old prototype release some years ago. Of course the whole game was released on sega saturn so its not much to call home about but still of some interest for us sega saturnians:).

Gun Arms

Here is an excellent freeware japanese game I stumbled across today , these are the sort of games sony should pick up for PSN.

Official homepage
Download the game (23meg)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

RingEdge = "Dreamcast 2" ?

I'm always suspicious of dreamcast 2 rumors but the architecture of the Ringedge seems to be very suiting for a new beefy kick ass sega console , heres some info ripped off from wiki:

RingEdge specifications
CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2160 (1.8 GHz)
RAM: 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM (PC-6400)
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 8800GS with 384 MB GDDR3 SDRAM (Shader Model 4.0)
Output: 2 DVI ports
Storage: 32GB SSD
Networking: Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T)
OS: Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 2009
Other: 3 USB ports, 5.1 channel HD Audio, Sega ALL.NET online support

"The Ring series of arcade machines are also based on PC architecture. Initially announced models include RingEdge and RingWide. The 2 pieces of hardware will have Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 2009 as their operating system. The reason Sega decided to use a Windows embedded system was so other third-party companies would find it easier to produce games for it. The first game for the Ring platform is Border Break, running on the RingEdge. Border Break does not take full advantage of the graphics card on the Ringedge, but introduces touch-screen functionality and a special controller system. It allows players to play next to each other in the same arcade or against other people in another arcade using Sega's ALL.NET feature. Also in Fall 2009 an image appeared around the web of what was apparently a leaked RingEdge BIOS and it appears the disc drive supports the now defunct HD DVD. On February 10, 2009, Sega approved a patent for two controller designs, one that looks similar to the Sega Saturn 3D pad with a added touch screen device and one that looks similar to the Mega Drive 6-button pad. Sega has recently stated that they plan to revive the arcade business with these machines.

Sega also approved a patent for USB Flash Memory cards and Hard drive on July 7, 2009. Although the Hard Drive and Controllers remain unexplained, Japanese Arcades have long had access to items such as floor mats and USB flash drives unlike their American counterparts. Because of these patents, rumors have been spreading that Sega is going to release a new home console based on Ring hardware in 2010 or 2011. Sega has yet to clarify exactly why the Hard Drive and Controller patents were issued, possibly because these rumors may be true."

RingEdge Wiki

Right now the only game that runs on this hardware is Border Break.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


It appears Mahoney has managed to compress a mp3 and play it on the C64 without any external add-on device connected to the C64 so this is all done on a original C64 which is quite an achievement since the C64 is almost 30 years old;)


Gunhound is a 2d sidescroller released back in december for Pc by the company Dracue , it reminds me of Assault Suits Leynos II for sega saturn.

Official Homepage
Try the demo (57meg)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bad Apple!! music video recreated for Nintendo 8bit

Someone who goes by the name of "applesorce" on youtube has made an amazing port of the Bad Apple!! music video for nintendo 8bit, here you can see the original and then 3 examples of the nintendo 8bit port:


Nes Port:

You can grab the rom here: if you want to test it in a emulator or with your powerpak.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fast Striker coming for Neogeo MVS!

NG:DEV.TEAM has recently revealed in this german magazine that they're making a new neogeo shmup for MVS (possibly AES also I guess)

Advanced Daisenryaku 2001 50% translation patch released !

The good people over at Nebelwurfer HQ has translated half of Advanced Daisenryaku 2001 for dreamcast, It's a long running japanese strategic military series and I think the only game to reach the west was the limited release of Daisenryaku VII for xbox but I might be wrong!. Anyways go grab the patch here: