Friday, February 25, 2011

Master Everdrive Released (SMS/GG Flashcart).

"device description:

Flash cart for Sega Master System

+ max supported ROM size up to 8mbit (1mbyte)

+ 32kb FRAM for game saves keep.

+SMS and SG-1000 games are supported

+Supported standard sega mapper and codemasters mapper

+Cart can be used on GameGear via Gear Master adapter

+USB port for homebrew development*

+OS can be updated from SD or USB

+ save ram data can be stored or loaded from SD card

+ SD/MMC cards support.

+ FAT16 support. 2GB max partition size

+Supported SD/MMC size 2GB max

+ flashed game will stay in memory after power off. so no need to choice and reflash game after each reset or power off

*USB port available only on "Master Everdrive +USB" cart version

* homebrew software could communicate with PC via virtual serial port interface. All USB port operations controlled by SMS Z80 CPU, so USB port can not be used if cart not attached to console."

Another flashcart released yesterday by Krizz and it's already out of stock in all the stores so I guess you'll just have to wait until they restock but you can buy one from once they're back :).

*Edit*: it might be good to mention that this cart does only run SMS roms ON the Gamegear with one of those adapters , it does not run GG roms on the GG (or well it does but with wrong palette and unworking joypad mapping). So if you want a true GG flashcart then wait a while cause hes working on one:).

Archived interview with Lik Sang founder Alex Kampl.

Heres a archived interview with the founder of Lik Sang that was done by

"Lik Sang opened its web site in late 1997 and shipped cutting edge products to its first customers on a word-of-mouth basis. I came to Hong Kong with the first long term business plan worked out together with my former partner who later left the company behind. I have used every single product which was on sale through the company myself, for testing reasons or for personal entertainment. I have been in the gaming "scene" since the 8-bit ages."

Read the whole thing here:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pictures of Lik Sangs old store in Hong Kong 2003.

Here are some pictures I found in the old Dextrose archive of the old Lik Sang store which I assume must have been in Hong Kong. Credit goes to whoever took these and posted them over at Dextrose or wherever they originally came from:).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My friend got busted for selling Doctor V64s 1998.

Fear the "dangerous systems"! ;).

Here's a funny news clipping I found, or well it's funny in retrospect but when it happened it maybe wasn't so funny. My friend basically got busted for selling Doctor V64 backup units back in the day, and if you're in the UK then theres a pretty good chance he sold you one;).

If you compare this with the case then he was lucky and now we can look back and laugh at it.

One funny thing with the V64 was that Acclaim used them as dev units to code games like Turok, so technically they were using an illegal device to create games with! ;).

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Espgaluda II,Ibara,Mushihime-tama & Death Smiles running in Demul.

I guess sound emulation isn't there yet thus the added youtubechooseyourownmusictothevideoclip-music , keep up the good work demul coder dude!:)

Now you can put your japanese 360 on ebay;).


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

F1 Racing Championship brazilian version dumped for N64.

CARROT is on fire with the brazzie N64 dumps!.

"Title: F1 Racing Championship
Date: 12/02/2011
Company: Ubi Soft
Area: Brazil
System: Nintendo 64
Size: 128 MBits
Supplier: CARROT"

Grab it over at

Monday, February 14, 2011

"Expand your Pippin to meet your needs"

"The Pippin is expandable if you need additional capabilities. You can add a disk drive for storing your information by simply snapping on a component. Or add a color printer to print out your letters and creations. Because it is expandable, the Pippin will be able to grow with your needs and won't be obsolete as technology changes.

The Pippin also has the ability to interface with the new digital camera technology, so users can use the input from digital photos to create original postcards, greeting cards and posters."

Sweet moma! , I wonder if those expansion plates were ever released?.

Picture and info found over at:

South Park brazilian version dumped for N64.

"Title: South Park
Date: 12/02/2011
Company: Acclaim
Area: Brazil
System: Nintendo 64
Size: 128 MBits
Supplier: CARROT"

Another Brazzie dump by CARROT , filling in the holes that the sk3n3 missed back in the days:).

Download it here:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

3DO version of Blue Forest Story region hacked by MNEMO.

A Russian 3DO coding dude by the name of MNEMO (same guy that made the IDE adapter for the 3DO) has hacked the Blue Forest Story region protection (actually a year ago, but nobody in the western media reported about;) ) so that it now boots on European and American 3DOs!.

This game is one of about only 5 games on the 3DO that had a region protection and it was released at the very end of the 3DOs life back in 1996, one of the significant things with the 3DO version is that it features a naked chick in the intro, this was censored in the Psx ver ^__^.

Here is the release thread

And here is the game on a russian download service that will probably die any second now so grab it before it's gone from the CYBERNET! :D[3DO]%20-%20Blue%20Forest%20Story%20SE.rar.html

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Official Trade Launch Guide to the Greatest Portable Games Machine in the World (The Gizmondo;)

(Click to resize)

Here's a funny .pdf I found on the now dead official Gizmondo homepage, it contains very enthusiastic interviews with the people behind it which is extra funny since we now know that it all went to hell!;).

Grab it:

Or here

But they sure knew how to market a goddamn system!:

Waowaoweeewaa! *boing*

Thursday, February 10, 2011 and super fun fun findings.

Here are some tech demos I found during my dig ventures, some are already on youtube but without sound,watermarked and in worse quality.

And here are also some interviews and promotion pages for the M2 on the 3DO site:

3DO Inks $100 Million Pact With Matsushita for 64-bit M2 Technology
Frequently Asked Questions About M2
M2 Unveiled!
Trip Hawkins Sets the Record Straight
Interview with M2's Hardware Engineers
Here are the demos I threw on youtube

"It's gonna beat the Psx guys!"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bare Knuckle III: Director's Cut Released (MD/Gen Romhack)

"FINAL RELEASE: Version 1.5.1
I got the okay for Red Crimson to go ahead and release this. So, before I released it, I fixed a couple of text related things for you. Changed the copyright date of the hack to display 2011 and finally fixed the typo "THENDRA" and changed it back to "THUNDRA".
I was trying to implement the Title screen flash but I couldn't find the exact value that controlled it despite having a PAR code to activate the lightning bolt flash."

Download Mirror

Monday, February 7, 2011

Virtuoso prototype for Ps1 dumped.

it appears that this prototype was quietly released back in December (?) and I think the source of the release is:

It's available for download here: but you have to register to download it.

The game was originally on the 3DO so I guess it might have been a last minute port to Ps1 when the 3DO bombed.

Mechi over at the ASSEMblergames forum has made a little list of what the prototype features:

Another video of Xbox-Yabause.

Slow week , no news! so heres a video of the latest build of Yabause for Xbox 1, it's a itsy bitsy faster than the last version and now sports a simple menu. Guardian Heroes runs surprisingly fast (without cdda though) but yeah 3D stuff still has a way to go:).