Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SkunkBoard Rev. 3 Available for Pre-Order!.

"Finally, we are doing this as an extended pre-order to ensure that anyone who wants one can get in on it. The pre-order is open right now (links below) and we will start the run based on the demand that the pre-orders show on 12/1/10, with an expected delivery date of 2/15/11! If we do not have enough orders by 12/1/10 to make a new run of SkunkBoards feasible, we will go about returning everyone's money, however considering that the last two runs sold out almost immediately after going on pre-sale, we don't think that this will be likely."

"If you're a Jaguar developer, you probably already know why you need a Skunkboard -- it's a development tool that allows you to test your games on the Jaguar system by loading them via USB onto the Skunkboard's Flash Memory. If you aren't a developer, but you want to explore the world of homebrew and independent games released by others, as well as play special releases you otherwise couldn't play on a real Jaguar console!"

Skunkboard is the only flashcart for the Atari Jaguar to my knowledge so I recommend preordering one since it's not the sort of item that comes along very often:).

Preorder: http://www.goatstore.com/Products/Atari/Jaguar/152920/SkunkBoard_Rev_3/
Information: http://www.jaguarsector.com/index.php?showtopic=31942
More Information: http://www.goatstorepublishing.com/projects/jaguar/skunkboard/

Super Everdrive Flashcart Released.

Biokrik - the dude that made the Everdrive flashcart for MD/32X/SMS has now released a snes flashcart, I'm not sure what all the ups and downs are compared to the retrousb snes cart but it's half the price of that cart (no shell though!:P) so if you want a cheaper alternative then this is the way to go.

-----> http://krikzz.com/severdrive.html

Monday, September 27, 2010

Red Star OS - The North Korean Linux Distro.

So I got bored yesterday and tried Red Star OS and well...it's not much to call home about really, I would definitely not recommend going online with it cause who knows what bombs it might set off he he ;).

"Red Star OS is a North Korean Linux-based operating system. It began to be developed in 2002 by the Korea Computer Center. Prior to its development, computers in North Korea typically used English versions of Microsoft Windows. As of 2010, it is on version 2.0. It is only offered in a Korean language edition, localised with North Korean terminology and spelling"

You can grab it here:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ppcasm's Hyperscan homebrew uploader utility.

Another interesting release by ppcasm, this tool(s) will let you upload code to the hyperscan!, you will need a extra joystick to slaughter to make the actual cable though:).

"I am quite aware that this cable and/or programming system could have been designed way better. And maybe in the future I will get around to doing just that
though this should suffice for now. :-)"


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hcs/Ppcasms N64 GSuploader released.

"I would like to give a big thank you to HCS, for whose work with his neon64 gameshark loader edition this would not have been possible.

will need:
Nintendo64 (yeehaw right?)
Nintendo64 GameShark Version 3.3 (the one with the parallel port on the back)
Nintendo64 4MB ram expansion pack (This is where the code resides to handle some of the gameshark utilities while the game is running)
Parallel port cable to connect N64 <-> PC

After you have aquired these things you can create homebrew in any way that you wish so long as you set up your compiler
environment and program to work together accordingly (see "How it works" to get a general idea of how to start)

How to use:
Note: This works most of the time, but surely I've not tested everything to be able to 100% say it will work _ALL_ the time.
After you have generated the gsuploader binary:

1. Start N64 game (as far as I have seen, it does not matter which one, but again, I cannot/have not tested them all)

2. Run program with N64 binary filename as argument, example: gsuploader.exe funprogram.bin

At this point you should get confirmation on the status of the binary upload, etc, etc. If all went well then you should be greeted by your running program."

Download and more info here:

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ps2 Linux Live DVD!

"This is a Linux Live system for the Sony Playstation 2. You need to start kloader.elf from the DVD to run Linux. If you used kernelloader before, you need to delete the file: mc0:/kloader/config.txt or plug out the memory card.
This is the second version of the Linux Live DVD which where created for the Playstation 2. There is no modchip required. If you want to use it with a modchip, you need to convert this DVD video disc to a normal DVD. Just
extract the files from the DVD and burn it with the same file structure but without AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. The directory "blackrhino" contains long file names which are only readable on Linux or MacOS. Joilet is not supported for standard DVDs. You need to create a disc using rockridge extensions."

Linux live dvd download (2,2gig)

Source: http://psx-scene.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65060

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Computers from Swedish elections.

(click for larger image.)

Today was the Swedish election and here are some pics I took of various computers that passed by in the archive material that was rolling on the tv while showing some of the Swedish elections from the last century.

It's pretty impressive that already in the 1960s they were using computers to count some of the votes!.

The one with the blinking buttons appears to be: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBM_System/360

Friday, September 17, 2010

Music produced on two Swedish computers from 1967.

Saab was the main computer company in Sweden from the 1950s up until the 1980s and around 1967 Göran Sundqvist produced some music on two computers made by Saab called D21 and D22. You can listen to the mp3s of this fantastical music here: http://www.datasaab.se/D21_D22_musik/musik.htm

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The computers of the Third Reich!.

The amazing stuff you find on wikipedia, a line of four computers made during the german nazi years, check them out here:

I also remember watching a Swedish tv program where they had located a computer that was used by the East German Stasi, but since the fall of the Berlin Wall nobody knows how to use it anymore since everyone is dead or 100 years old, thats what I call security through obscurity!:).

I couldn't find any wikipedia page or any page at all in google concerning the Stasi computer so I guess it must be very obscure, it was definitely not a "consumer" computer like the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KC_85

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sydney 2000 beta/complete released for N64.

CARROT comes with another N64 release within the span of a month! , this time it's the unreleased port of Sydney 2000.

Download it here: http://www.emulation64.fr/?page=news&id=354

The release contains US and EU versions of the game:).

Saturday, September 4, 2010

K145VX1 - Exotic Soviet CPU on Ebay.

"RAREST USSR Soviet Russian Spider-like CPU in the Computers Networking

MADE IN USSR (Svetlana factory) in 1991 for military dataplotters and computers."

I have no idea if it actually is that rare but anything from the Soviet Union equals awesome:).


History of the Svetlana factory: http://www.encspb.ru/en/article.php?kod=2804001437

64drive work in progress.

Heres demonstration video of the upcoming n64 flashcart by marshallh called "64drive" and as you can see by the loading times it will be an absolute Z64/Doctor V64 killer :).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Andlabs GenesisTracker (Linux/Windows/Mac).

"I've been working for the past few months on a music tracker for the Sega Genesis sound chips for use in a sound driver I will eventually write. I'm here now with a feature-packed public beta. A lot of the functionality is present, though some things (such as New and Nearest Possible Timing) have yet to be implemented, while others have bugs. However, you can save modules and export to VGM and SMPS (though the SMPS export is the most unoptimized SMPS export ever). FM voices can be loaded in TFM and X3V format. The PSG voice format is just like that in FamiTracker. The only supported effects right now are 1xx, 2xx, and Mxx. 1xx/2xx are the same as in every other tracker (pitch slide up/down) and Mxx is a general miscellaneous (M00 is nop, M01 takes the PSG noise out of Channel 2 mode and silences both PSG3 and PSG noise), M02/M03 turns FM retrigger on/off. Timing is in XM format and DAC is always on (FM6 is always shown and will be saved but ignored during playback/export). There's more but right now I don't remember everything =P"