Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hcs/Ppcasms N64 GSuploader released.

"I would like to give a big thank you to HCS, for whose work with his neon64 gameshark loader edition this would not have been possible.

will need:
Nintendo64 (yeehaw right?)
Nintendo64 GameShark Version 3.3 (the one with the parallel port on the back)
Nintendo64 4MB ram expansion pack (This is where the code resides to handle some of the gameshark utilities while the game is running)
Parallel port cable to connect N64 <-> PC

After you have aquired these things you can create homebrew in any way that you wish so long as you set up your compiler
environment and program to work together accordingly (see "How it works" to get a general idea of how to start)

How to use:
Note: This works most of the time, but surely I've not tested everything to be able to 100% say it will work _ALL_ the time.
After you have generated the gsuploader binary:

1. Start N64 game (as far as I have seen, it does not matter which one, but again, I cannot/have not tested them all)

2. Run program with N64 binary filename as argument, example: gsuploader.exe funprogram.bin

At this point you should get confirmation on the status of the binary upload, etc, etc. If all went well then you should be greeted by your running program."

Download and more info here:

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