Monday, January 31, 2011

Internet in Egypt still flatlined.

It seems that Mubarak is trying to set some sort of world record in internet downtime.

There is only one ISP up and running called NOOR and that's cause they're using it for stock exchanges!, read more about it here:

Update: Now even NOOR is down!.

Daily internet traffic statistics of Egypt:

Friday, January 28, 2011

Metal Slug 6 dumped and running in Mame.

"Guru dumped Metal Slug 6 for Atomiswave, and with a little help from Cah4e3 I got it going in MAME."


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Atari Jaguar 2 Prototype on Ebay.

"In 1995 rumors began to circulate that Atari was working on a replacement for the Atari Jaguar console. Codenamed "Midsummer" this new Jaguar would have a new Tom II and Jerry II chipset with better graphics, sound, more expansion and a built-in CDROM (There was also a system called JagDuo circulating in rumor circles but confusion existed as to whether the JagDuo was just a regular Jaguar with built-in CDROM or if in fact it was the Jag II with built-in CDROM.) Tom II is so large and generated so much heat, it required its own cooling fan which has to be hooked up to a seperate power source. After tinkering with the unit for a few days and fixing a few broken wires, I finally fired it up with Tempest 2k, the console works, but I find no improvements in the graphics, sound or game play, so unlocking and unleashing the enhanced features that may be present in the Jaguar II are unknown.... but it is backward compatible. "



Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yabause coming to Xbox 1 in a near future.

This is a early work in progress port of Yabause for Xbox 1 that i'm testing for the dude thats porting it, when it has been optimized as much as technically possible it will most likely pop up at the usual Xbox 1 homebrew place for download :).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Awesome pictures of Galaxian³ WIP arcade emulation.

"I finally had some time this week to work on this, and have most of the capturing done. I am going to do a couple more captures with different settings, but we're almost there.
I discovered a few things along the way...

- There is a digital audio track! This is the first game disc I've seen that has one. (If we had only used your LDP-1450, we'd never have known about it!) The audio is different on the digital vs analog tracks. I was able to get a direct digital copy of it with a newer player and optical cable.
- I was able to make a video file that combines the left and right screens."

More info and pics over at:

The Game:

Video of the psuedosortofupdatedsequelthingamajig:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Unreleased tech demo for Dreamcast discovered.

"User ‘Dreamcast ™’ from Online Consoles has discovered an unreleased tech demo in SDK9 which runs on the Katana dev unit. A truly rare find, and great part of history as many devs might have learned how to make use of the Dreamcast’s SH4 and PowerVR in a shmup."

More info:

No extracted release of this demo floating around so far but I guess it's just a question of time:).

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Unreleased version of Aliens for FDS dumped.

"Did you know that Activision and Square once partnered to release a game based on James Cameron’s 1986 sci-fi action movie Aliens? Are you aware that it was released for the MSX home computer, and that a port for the Famicom Disk System was completed but never released? Do you care that a prototype copy of this unreleased FDS port was recently discovered and is available for download here."

More info and download:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three Dirty Dwarves PAL beta with source released.

The good folkes over at has dumped yet another sega saturn beta/proto, heres what google translate says:

"Nothing less than a beta of Sega Saturn game, Three Dirty Dwarves . A prototype of what would become the European version, with some slight changes and nothing more and nothing less than .... Source code included!

Yes, you read correctly. Has anyone ever released a beta of a Saturn commercial game that contains the source code? It is going to be no ... so I think we're the first (and hopefully, I suspect, but not the last)"

More info and download over at:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Arcana Heart 3 dumped on 2ch.(Windows XP kinda)

It appears that Arcana Heart 3 has been dumped on 2ch. The arcade version runs on a XP-embedded computer called eX-BOARD and early reports indicates that it will need hacking to get it to run since it only gives you a BSOD if you try to run it.

Since I want to keep this blog legal I won't post the url to 2ch, but just search for something that says アルカナハート3 /Arcade Heart 3 on there and you'll probably find it;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Vectrex prototype pictures on flickr.

"Some photos of my fathers that i scanned and grouped together. He worked in Research & Design at Milton Bradley for over 20 years.
This is a prototype of the Vectrex home video arcade system that MB and GCE put out in the early '80s. The photographer in the photo is the MB photographer, & not my dad."

Check out his pics here: