Sunday, May 29, 2011

BS-X Project - Homebrew for the Satellaview through emulation.

Interesting project that aims to revive the satellaview with homebrew and maybe a new online fan giga-server one day (/me insane dreaming:) ).

Project homepage:

Saturday, May 28, 2011

GameBoy Sewing Machine on Ebay.

"What is it? Well, it's what you think it is. It's a sewing machine that has built-in GameBoy functionality. Pretty crazy, eh?

Apparently there was a partnership between Nintendo and nu yell to produce a sewing machine that connects to a GameBoy. Enclosed is special software that you run on the GameBoy and you make designs from the console and the sewing machine produces it. It's one of those "only Nintendo would think of that" items from Japan. There is a panel on back that has a GameBoy accessory attachment cable. Even the GameBoy color was made to match the color of the top of the sewing machine."



Friday, May 27, 2011

New Satellaview redumps by Ikari/ChronoMoogle.

BS Fire Emblem: Akaneia Senki Hen Dai-1-wa - Palace Kanryaku (r) (9-29).bs
Unknown music data (bad?).bs

Download Mirror:

America Daitōryō Senkyo - The 1988 US Election 8bit Style.

"George H. W. Bush, vice President from Texas. Moderate WASP who believes in free trade."

"Michael Dukakis, an underdog candidate who would provide a challenge for an expert player to get into office."

"Jesse Jackson,a religious politician who vows to bring back Christian values to America."

"Robert, a Televangelist. born in Virginia. Ultra-conservative. New Light Christian (?), Anti-communist. " <-- from japanese wikipedia hehe, i'm not from the US but from the looks of things this dude is just a fictional character based on American christian televangelists from the 80's I guess:).

Oddly enough I don't see Al Gore anywhere in game, maybe somebody with Japanese skills can find him :). The game is text based so more or less impossible to play if you don't know Japanese.

"The priorities of the policies that the player can make were introduced to the game as the situation was in 1988 because of the Soviet Union and the COCOM. In 1991, the dissolution of the Soviet Union would eventually lead to COCOM being disbanded in 1994. South Africa had an apartheid at the time and abolished in it 1991. The Panama Canal was returned in 1999 to the people of Panama. However, it differs from the political situation encountered in the game. The "AIDS patient isolation" issue was showing an event of discriminatory policy of an era that had not shown wide public awareness about how the AIDS viruses spreads from person to person."

Wikipedia has done a pretty good job on the article of this game, it's missing a few fictional characters which are in the Japanese article though:

Surreal64 B5.5 released for Xbox 1!.

^-- Star Fox running in 720p!.

* Mempak issue (still needs work - UltraHLE is still missing)
* Rice Video 5.60 fog reverted to that of Rice Daedalus 5.10
* Screenshot name problems
* Switching paks in menu issue
* Countless ini fixes for all Rice plugins, PJ64, 1964 (BIG thx scorp316)
* GoldenEye crashes if 4 players were facing each other in multiplayer (UltraHLE)
* Minor core (1964) and dynarec (1964/PJ64) optimizations
* Increased volume for launcher and all sound plugins except Basic Audio (missing source code)
* Several missing boxarts
* Squished boxarts

* Native 720p output for all video plugins and the launcher

For more info -->

Thursday, May 26, 2011

C Compiler released for the Pokemon Mini.

Zoranc has released a C Compiler for the pokemon mini, you'll probably start seeing more stuff soon for this little thing since there's not only one flashcart coming out for it but two! , albiet in small production quantities though :).

"TODO list for the vbccpm compiler (version 0.009), by priority:

- have the option for variables in RAM
- implement the inimplemented parts of code, like:
- access global variables!
- test bugs
- long support
- 3byte poiters (banking)
- vasm and vlink support
- library supporting PM internals
- clean up my sources
- optimize the generated code "


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lars von Trier VS Cannes: The Game.

Swedish state television has made a flash game in real 8bit japanese kuso-shit-game spirit where you play as Lars von Trier fighting one of the Cannes Film Festival jury members (I think).

I really like the sound fx (stolen from Punch Out? :).

Play it here:
You can grab the .swf here since it's probably going to get removed within a near future:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kutkutus by Hedelmae (Gizmondo Demo).

Probably the first demo ever for the titanic handheld Gizmondo :).

Grab it here:

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sega Saturn region-free Bios released by d4s.

"Yeah, so I hacked the Sega Saturn Bios and removed regional lockout and CD authenticity checks. Obviously, that was the reason I was dying to get a Saturn a couple of days earlier. Thanks to an unnamed individual, I've got one now and promptly installed that modified Bios.

Good news first: regional lockout bypass works just fine on real hardware.
Install this Bios in your Saturn and play any authentic game in any video mode you like, no need for clunky switches or cartridges anymore.

The bad news: Although the CD authenticity checks in the Bios have been removed, CD-R copies still don't boot.
I basically have zero debugging capabilities on real hardware, so I can't really tell what the exact problem is, but credible sources suggest that the CD interface has to be unlocked by initializing with a genuine Saturn disc before being able to boot a game disc. This is rather unsatisfying, but I'm releasing this anyway, it's better than nothing."


His homepage:
The Bios:
Bios Mirror:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bad Apple!! demo ported to the Gameboy/Color.

Some crazy japanese dude has ported the Bad Apple!! demo to the Gameboy/Color , quite impressive :).

The demo is available for download on his page here:

And here's a mirror of the demo rom in case his site vanishes:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Major Damage dumped for Sega Saturn.

"Major Damage was developed by the US division of Capcom. In the game you control Major Damage himself or his sidekick (Carnage), shooting your way through 16 action packed levels.

Various power-ups can be picked up along the way, such as med-kits, missiles and rapid fire. Major Damage can aim in all directions (much like Metal Slug) and can perform the art of rocket jumping. It is been said later stages included vehicles for the player to enter."

Some information on the game:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everdrive-GG released.

Finally a solid flashcart out for gamegear!.

"This cartridge features:

* max supported ROM size of 8mbit (1mbyte)

* 32kB FRAM for game save files

* support for Game Gear and SMS games

* supports standard Sega and Codemasters mappers

* USB port for homebrew development (optional)

* OS updates via SD slot or USB port*

* RAM data can be loaded/saved via SD slot

* micro-SD cards supported

* FAT16 supported. max partition size of 2GB

* flashed game will stay in storage after power is shut off, so there is no need to reflash after each reset or power-off"

For sale over at

Battery-less, drag 'n' drop, USB Game Boy cartridge.

"What is it? I'm building a new Gameboy cartridge. Not GBA, not DS, original Gameboy. Why? Because a lot of people still use them, in particular for creating music with software like Johan Kotlinski's LSDj. And to do this, you need a flashable cartridge.

Why? Currently available carts need custom drivers to talk to a computer, and for many types, a cart reader device. This limits their compatibility, and the drivers tend to be poorly maintained after release, too.

Another issue is that all current carts use battery-backed RAM to save user data to - read: music that artists have spent many hours on. These batteries can last ten years in a well-designed system - from the date of manufacture, putting a lifespan on the cartridge and leading to scary reliability issues as they age."

Project homepage --->

Monday, May 9, 2011

Reach enlightenment with the help of Bodhi Linux!.

Bodhi Linux is a new distro which aims at being clean,easy to use and harmonious in the spirit of Buddhism.

I've been using it for some days now on my laptop from 2006 and it runs uber smooth on just 512mb ram while looking just as slick as something like Mac OSX for example so there's really no reason to use the more bulkier Ubuntu, specially not if you're on a 10/5 year old computer.

The lowest system requirements are 300mhz i386 Processor and 128megs of RAM!. Slap it on a usb stick and try it or do a full install!:

Shenmue 1 Beta 0.400 released by Shendream for Dreamcast.

Shenmue beta released by Shendream , grab it here:

Contains debug menu!

Feels like theres dreamcast betas coming out on a daily basis, now we just need to get Sega to open their damn vault and release the Sega Saturn version :D.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

All of Geocities now mirrored on

Fire up your favorite download manager cause now has the whole backup of Geocities that The Archive Team made! --->

The whole thing is aprox 688gig or so and it's definitely recommended that you use a 2tb hdd to unpack the whole shebang on cause it's first packed in .7z then in .Gtar.

Also if you're filthy rich then give a chunk of money to, they're storing this shit for free! :).

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spanish retro games!.

My friend Macaw has compiled a nice little list of awesome spanish computer games from the 80s and early 90s, check it out here:

Sunday, May 1, 2011

MGD2 - Multi Game Doctor 2 Brochure.

Don't think this brochure is available anywhere else on the net , thanks to ]RowaN[ for digging through his old stash :).

As far as I know the only backup unit that supported the Neogeo AES, but I only think it runs early small first gen games like Nam 1975, probably easier to buy a chinese bootleg cart these days but these old archaic backup units are charming none the less:).

Some dude is selling the source code binders for Vectrex Internal ROM & Minestorm.

"I revisited the former GCE employee who sold me the prototypes that I recently sold, and I picked up 2 more goodies that I wish to sell: binders of hardcopies of the original source code for the Vectrex internal ROM & Minestorm."

Check out his post here:
And a bunch of pictures: