Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Battery-less, drag 'n' drop, USB Game Boy cartridge.

"What is it? I'm building a new Gameboy cartridge. Not GBA, not DS, original Gameboy. Why? Because a lot of people still use them, in particular for creating music with software like Johan Kotlinski's LSDj. And to do this, you need a flashable cartridge.

Why? Currently available carts need custom drivers to talk to a computer, and for many types, a cart reader device. This limits their compatibility, and the drivers tend to be poorly maintained after release, too.

Another issue is that all current carts use battery-backed RAM to save user data to - read: music that artists have spent many hours on. These batteries can last ten years in a well-designed system - from the date of manufacture, putting a lifespan on the cartridge and leading to scary reliability issues as they age."

Project homepage ---> http://mafipulation.org/blagoblig/gameboy/index.html#cart-update-2

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