Friday, April 30, 2010

Game boy camera resource post.

The Game boy camera was released in 2 versions, one for US/EU and one for Japan, the only difference is that the Japanese version was called "PocketCamera".

There are 3 ways of transfering pictures over to your PC.

1) Buy the Mad catz cable.

Mad Catz Camera Link Software (Disc ISO)
Mad Catz Camera Link Software (Extracted Files)
(Ripped by Anthony from, thanks!)
Theres also a barebones version of the Mad catz Camera Link Software that you can download from the Mad Catz homepage Here.

Here is the Mad Catz Camera Link manual scanned by me Korvkiosksgubben;):

1) 4meg .png file from imageshack
2) Megaupload mirror

It is recommended that you use Windows 95/98 but if you are using XP/Vista/Win7 then check out this tutorial on how to get the Mad catz camera software working

2) Build a EXT cable , the easiest way is to buy a link cable and cut off one end of it and solder a db25 onto it , you can ignore the mad catz diagram and just look at the first and second diagram , i'm only posting the mad catz diagram just to include everything.

It appears some parallell ports require the 2N3906 transistor for it to work but you can test the cable and see if it works without a 2N3906.

I'm not 100% sure that the Mad catz program works with the homemade cable so you will have to use Game boy Printer Emulator instead:
Game boy Printer Emulator V2.0 (Latest version)
Game boy Printer Emulator V1.3

Game boy Printer Emulator homepage:


3) Dump the SRAM using a backup unit, use gb_cam_dump and Gh0st Camera, you can download them here:

To record videos using the Game boy camera you need to buy a Super Game boy cart and connect the Game boy camera to it and then you connect the Super nintendo to a tv card and then you can make videos and record them using any program.

Another much more expensive method is to use the Game boy player for Gamecube.

Here is a little video I made using this method:

Have fun!

Game boy camera reset switch mod tutorial.

Scanned Game boy camera manuals:

Credit goes to The Bushpig & tommarques for scanning the regional manuals , originally found Here.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Illusion City translation project for PC98.

ded302 has released a work in progress demo of his translation for the PC98 version of Illusion City.

Project Site:

iQue Player resource post.

The iQue is basically a n64 in a joystick with a encrypted flash card and it runs games as large as 256mbit like Sin and punishment. It was only released in China/Hong kong so all games are in chinese for it. iQue is a company and a brand name so it shouldn't be confused with the chinese version of the DS that has a similar name.

Sadly nobody has reversed engineered it and worked out how to run roms on it so when the online game buying function is shut down and all the depots are gone then it will become semi-useless unless you managed to get all the games for it.

One big problem is that you need to access one of the physical depots in Hong kong/China to be able to upgrade your firmware cause the new firmware has the online function for buying the games! and most people in the west bought their iQues from liksang back in 2003 and none of those have the latest firmware.

One of the last iQue depots were spotted in "Jiuguang Department Store B1" in Shanghai, click Here for a map of it's location.

On iQues homepage there are 2 versions of the windows application for buying games, it's kinda like a iQue "PSN".

The 205meg version most likely contains all the roms released for the system so all your doing when your buying a game is basically just unlocking it out of the .exe file for use on the iQue, kinda like how it works when your buying DLC for Resident Evil 6/Bioshock 1/2 on 360/Ps3 so theres definitely alot of potential of hacking that file ;).

I have no idea how the 2meg version works but I must assume that instead of already being packed with the roms it downloads them from their server, I guess its intended for people with slow modems who can't download the whole 200meg file , this is after all meant for China and not the West;).

iQue@Home-standard.rar 1.2Meg
iQue@Home-complete.rar 205Meg
Torrent mirror of the 205Meg version

I recommend as many people as possible to download these apps cause even if you don't own a iQue it's good that many people just have them cause once they're gone from their site then they're "gone" from the internet ;).

This is the best place for info about the iQue, here you can find out how to buy games online for the iQue:
iQue players official site:
iQue hacking page 1:
iQue hacking page 2:
The obligatory wikipedia article: iQue Player Wiki

New shmups running in Makaron.

Dknute has now gotten Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta and Shooting Love 2007 running in Makaron!.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kale's Naomi/Atomiswave wip update.

Kale has updated with some nice pics of the games King of Fighters Neowave and Sega Marine Fishing running in Mame.

Monday, April 26, 2010 protos

The people over at have posted a few saturn prototypes that they have and want to release if people donate money.

1) Chill - an unreleased snowboard game.

2) Alpha-version of Virtua Cop 2.

3) Newer prototype of Werewolf the Apocalypse.

For more information check out the thread here:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

FBA - Pirate Ship Higemaru ported to the Saturn

Vbt has ported a FinalBurn Alpha driver to the Sega Saturn running the game Pirate Ship Higemaru.

Directional: these are mapped to the arrow keys.
A : mapped to the button 1.
B : mapped to the button 2.
C : mapped to the button 3.
X : mapped to the button 4.
Y : mapped to the button 5.
Z : mapped to the button 6.
L : mapped to the button Coin 1.
R : mapped to the button Coin 2.
Start: mapped to the button Start."

You can grab the bin+cue files Here and try it on your sega saturn using the swap trick incase you don't have a modchip;)

Swap trick tutorial

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Order your Pokemon Mini Flash Card

I usually don't do ads for products but this is just so niche so I thought i'd give it a mention , are now taking preorders for their Pokemon Mini Flash Card and it's only 20€ so if you have a Pokemon Mini then its definitely worth it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grim Fandango on Xbox

I've had a xbox since it came out but it wasn't until lately that i've really dug into linux and I must say x-dsl runs really really good on the xbox , as an example i've made a video of Grim fandango running through wine using x-dsl.

I couldn't get Yabause or Freedo to run but I guess if you spend time fiddling around with the windows drivers for wine you can probably get most stuff to run. I wouldn't be surprised at all if yabause runs at like 80% or so on the xbox.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ParanoiaDC - Public Beta 3.0 released (Dreamcast Half Life Mod).

(Note: youtube vid of a older beta)

"Paranoia" - our singleplayer total conversion for Half-Life.

You will play the role of a russian officer of the secret
service. There will be many missions, each with specific
objectives for the players to accomplish, such as defending a
restricted military area, eliminating a terrorist threat and
protecting innocent workers. Your first impressions are that
this mission will be just like any other, but you really have
no idea what nightmares future events have in store for you..."

"After years in development, we are proud to present the latest
release of Dreamcast Paranoia. The first two campaigns, Training
Base Alpha and Udarnik Industrial Complex, are final. The last
campaign, Deep Into the Bunker, is not final, this is why this is
still a "beta" release.

A save system is implemented on the first two campaigns.
Only when you reach a checkpoint, you will recieve a message
"Checkpoint reached. Save your game now!"
This game, no dobt, pushes the Dreamcast to its max, and I
beleive incredible things have been achieved. I hope you all
enjoy the results."

ParanoiaDC homepage

Since the Dreamcast version is compiled with the leaked Half Life version it's not available on their site cause of legal issues so check your local torrent site;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Worst name ever for a console device.

I've seen many games and manuals with terrible engrish in them but i've never seen a console hardware device with such a hilariously badly chosen name!.

At least the features are nice:

"*Support all kind of Gameboy such as Color Gameboy, Pocket Gameboy, Light Gameboy & the old Gameboy.
*Backup your favorite games in seconds.
*Comes with 32M RAM.
*Support rumble function.
*On screen display control function (in English).
*Can be expended to play MP3."

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dragon Sword 64 released (N64 Beta)

"Before playing this beta, please KEEP IN MIND that it's an UNFINISHED, UNRELEASED Nintendo 64 game that was in development more than 12 years ago. Obviously it has lots of bugs and we still miss some of the planned content, but for what it is, Dragon Sword is a fun game, especially if you can play it in coop with a friend.

To better enjoy Dragon Sword, please set the difficulty level to NORMAL or HARD.

This beta build of Dragon Sword was preserved and shared over the internet in April 2010 by an anonymous collector"


Created by Team Storm at Interactive Studios / Blitzgames (the creators of Glover N64), Dragon Sword is a cancelled hack and slash game (similar to Gauntlet Legends) that was in development for the Nintendo 64. Sadly, this game was never finished because of some issues with the publisher.

Dragon Sword 64 was in danger to be lost and forgotten forever, but thanks to this playable beta, the community can preserve it's existence and give a means to all the work that was done before the cancellation.

If you loved Gauntlet Legends on the Nintendo 64 in coop mode, probably you are going to like Dragon Sword too.

We are happy that Dragon Sword 64 is now preserved, even in it's unfinished state. It's a shame that Nintendo 64 owners were never able to play this on their consoles."

News Source:
Grab the rom here:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wobble by CRTC.

It's not every day a new Dreamcast demo comes out , this is called Wobble and it was made by CRTC and released at Breakpoint 2010.

You can download the .cdi image here if you want to try it

Monday, April 5, 2010

Awesome demos from Breakpoint 2010

Check out youtube for more stuff or grab the demos and run them yourself here:

NGPCGB - The unreleased Gameboy emu for Ngpc

"These screenshots were taken using the Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator NGPocket as screens of the actual machine did not show up very well. Please know that this did in fact run and look identical on the actual Neo Geo Pocket Color machine."

Yup way back in 2001 Ganksoft was planning on releasing this but during the same time Ngpc died cause of SNKs collapse and thus this emu was also sadly cancelled. Had it been released it would have probably been like the "Bleemcast" of handheld emus and Nintendo would have for sure gone to court ;)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The last Breakpoint

Today Breakpoint begins at 22.00 Central European Summer Time (CEST) +0200 UTC, it is supposedly the last Breakpoint that will be held so be sure not to miss it:)

Watch it live here

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Full motion video test on N64

Marshallh has posted a video of a N64 fmv test, imagine if more games had used this!:)

Startling Odyssey II translated.

"After over 7 years of on again off again work, I am ready to release the first public English patch for Startling Odyssey 2
for the PC Engine/Turbo Duo!

First things first, this translation should be considered a hack. This game was translated using machine translators
and has been reworded by myself to make sense rather than jibberish. I have personally played through the game
several times to make sure that things make sense all the way through the game and that all text has been translated
that affects gameplay. – TRU (Translator)"

Lady Gaga loves Turbografx

I was bored so I made this using Arkhans squirrel program

Friday, April 2, 2010

Time Crisis 2 WIP for mame

"O. Galibert got some 3D running in MAME for System 23, and Naibo figured out some of the lighting data"

Not much to say just plain cool :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not an april fools joke: Naomi/Dreamcast emulation on DS

Yesterday Deunan posted some cool pictures on his blog of his emulator makaron ported to nintendo ds! , it must run at 1 fps unless he has made some crazy cache system like the neogeo emulator. It should be noted that he posted this on the 31th so it's not a april fools joke unless he got the dates wrong :)

*Edit* April 2011: Or maybe this was a april joke lol.