Wednesday, April 28, 2010

iQue Player resource post.

The iQue is basically a n64 in a joystick with a encrypted flash card and it runs games as large as 256mbit like Sin and punishment. It was only released in China/Hong kong so all games are in chinese for it. iQue is a company and a brand name so it shouldn't be confused with the chinese version of the DS that has a similar name.

Sadly nobody has reversed engineered it and worked out how to run roms on it so when the online game buying function is shut down and all the depots are gone then it will become semi-useless unless you managed to get all the games for it.

One big problem is that you need to access one of the physical depots in Hong kong/China to be able to upgrade your firmware cause the new firmware has the online function for buying the games! and most people in the west bought their iQues from liksang back in 2003 and none of those have the latest firmware.

One of the last iQue depots were spotted in "Jiuguang Department Store B1" in Shanghai, click Here for a map of it's location.

On iQues homepage there are 2 versions of the windows application for buying games, it's kinda like a iQue "PSN".

The 205meg version most likely contains all the roms released for the system so all your doing when your buying a game is basically just unlocking it out of the .exe file for use on the iQue, kinda like how it works when your buying DLC for Resident Evil 6/Bioshock 1/2 on 360/Ps3 so theres definitely alot of potential of hacking that file ;).

I have no idea how the 2meg version works but I must assume that instead of already being packed with the roms it downloads them from their server, I guess its intended for people with slow modems who can't download the whole 200meg file , this is after all meant for China and not the West;).

iQue@Home-standard.rar 1.2Meg
iQue@Home-complete.rar 205Meg
Torrent mirror of the 205Meg version

I recommend as many people as possible to download these apps cause even if you don't own a iQue it's good that many people just have them cause once they're gone from their site then they're "gone" from the internet ;).

This is the best place for info about the iQue, here you can find out how to buy games online for the iQue:
iQue players official site:
iQue hacking page 1:
iQue hacking page 2:
The obligatory wikipedia article: iQue Player Wiki

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