Friday, April 30, 2010

Game boy camera resource post.

The Game boy camera was released in 2 versions, one for US/EU and one for Japan, the only difference is that the Japanese version was called "PocketCamera".

There are 3 ways of transfering pictures over to your PC.

1) Buy the Mad catz cable.

Mad Catz Camera Link Software (Disc ISO)
Mad Catz Camera Link Software (Extracted Files)
(Ripped by Anthony from, thanks!)
Theres also a barebones version of the Mad catz Camera Link Software that you can download from the Mad Catz homepage Here.

Here is the Mad Catz Camera Link manual scanned by me Korvkiosksgubben;):

1) 4meg .png file from imageshack
2) Megaupload mirror

It is recommended that you use Windows 95/98 but if you are using XP/Vista/Win7 then check out this tutorial on how to get the Mad catz camera software working

2) Build a EXT cable , the easiest way is to buy a link cable and cut off one end of it and solder a db25 onto it , you can ignore the mad catz diagram and just look at the first and second diagram , i'm only posting the mad catz diagram just to include everything.

It appears some parallell ports require the 2N3906 transistor for it to work but you can test the cable and see if it works without a 2N3906.

I'm not 100% sure that the Mad catz program works with the homemade cable so you will have to use Game boy Printer Emulator instead:
Game boy Printer Emulator V2.0 (Latest version)
Game boy Printer Emulator V1.3

Game boy Printer Emulator homepage:


3) Dump the SRAM using a backup unit, use gb_cam_dump and Gh0st Camera, you can download them here:

To record videos using the Game boy camera you need to buy a Super Game boy cart and connect the Game boy camera to it and then you connect the Super nintendo to a tv card and then you can make videos and record them using any program.

Another much more expensive method is to use the Game boy player for Gamecube.

Here is a little video I made using this method:

Have fun!

Game boy camera reset switch mod tutorial.

Scanned Game boy camera manuals:

Credit goes to The Bushpig & tommarques for scanning the regional manuals , originally found Here.

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  1. I've been trying to get my pics off my GB Camera for years... tried to build one of those cables back in the day, didn't work. Tried using a backup unit to extract the .sav, it didn't work. I guess I need the Madcatz cable off eBay.


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