Sunday, July 31, 2011

Virtual Jaguar Ubuntu 64bit Working.

I'm just gonna dump this here since the old .debs on launchpad aren't working in Ubuntu 64bit and I had issues compiling it myself, so I got a friend to compile it for me cause i'm a lazy bastard and theres probably more people out there than me that want to try it in Ubuntu without a bunch of hassle: Virtualjaguar.tar.gz

Saturday, July 30, 2011

GoldenEye: X - Patch 4a Released.

"Welcome to Patch 4a of the GoldenEye: X project! Since the most recent release, we've been working to bring in new content, but also improve things already released. You'll find four more maps available for play in Virtual Reality mode, and some updates to already available ones.

Every standard body and head is now available, as well as some bonus heads wearing those ever-cool sunglasses. Some edits have been made to weapons, correcting muzzle flash locations and on-screen positioning. The GoldenEye sight is your default aimer, and can even be used in multiplayer.

Other colouration changes have been made in an attempt to better help distinguish GE:X from Perfect Dark. For more information, check out the detailed list below. Those of us working on the GoldenEye: X project sincerely hope you enjoy this update to the game, and would like to thank everyone for their continued support."

More info:

Friday, July 29, 2011

Atari's Jaguar steals 3DO's thunder on CBS This Morning.

(This picture is resized, click on it for better quality)

(This picture is resized, click on it for better quality)


Sunday, July 24, 2011

GoldenEye: X - Patch 4a Official Trailer.


Looking pretty damn good, works with 64drive/Everdrive 64 and probably even Z64/Doctor v64!.

Pokemon Breeder Mini Translated.

Rejoice Pokemon fans over the world, Pokemon Breeder Mini has been fan translated! (ポケモンそだてやさんミニ Pokemon Sodateyasan Mini).

"The most text intensive game for the Pokémon mini is now playable in English ! Thanks to the efforts of Mr.Blinky, snesy and Wa"

"I was worried for a while on successfully completing the translation due to difficulties in translating the large quantity of japanese dialogs. After doing all the graphic translations and code patches I was simply stuck, Unable to translate those dialogs.

Months passed by without any progress. But then, Lupin found someone who is very good at japanese. This person is no one else then snesy.

He's great at japanese. As soon as he joined, it took him just a couple of days to translate all those japanese dialogs. With the translations now done I could pick up the thread and continue. Less then two weeks later I finished the translation."

Grab it here:

Friday, July 15, 2011

The 64drive release is nearing!.

Newsletter from the maker of the 64drive:

"It all started as a "what if"... if I could have anything for my N64, what would be it be? No restrictions on cost, no cheaping out on features. For once, a clean and polished product with good aesthetic sense.

Tinkering with the N64 has been my foremost hobby for more than 5 years now. I love pretty much everything about it, not just the games but the system and its hardware. This has given me a unique opportunity to create something for N64 lovers using my accumulated knowledge and skill.

The project itself is coming very near to a releasable state. I just released a video on YouTube a few days ago.

In addition to being an enticing item for collectors, the 64drive is an extremely versatile tool for coding. Its USB 2.0 capabilities alone already eclipse any other N64 "backup" product ever made, and that's just the start.

Once the 64drive launches I will release a detailed PDF document giving specific information on the cartridge's hardware design and how to write code to use its features, including access of the USB functionality and memory card. A debugging LED and button come on each board standard.

As far as release goes, the first units will be sold in the coming weeks. I will be sending out updates as the day approaches.

Thank you all for showing your support, and giving me the encouragement to develop this amazing product.



Robinson's Requiem released for the Atari Jaguar commercially.

Heres another thing that I missed back in May, Songbird Productions released a port of Robinson's Requiem for the Atari Jaguar, this game was also on various computers but the only other console port was on the 3DO.

For sale over at

N64 PIF/CIC-NUS-6105 Algorithm Reverse Engineered.

"Recently, LaC challanged us to find a small and concise algorithm that would emulate the behaviour of PIF/CIC-NUS-6105 challenge/response (C/R) protection scheme.

This would allow the replacement of 'pif2.dat' file of Project 64, that contains all the 268 C/R pairs used by 'Jet Force Gemini' and 'Banjo Tooie', with a concise algorithm.

After many hours of careful, exhaustive and detailed analysis of 'pif2.dat' C/R pairs, I'm pleased to announce that I've finally found a very concise algorithmic representation of the C/R process, which emulates the desired behaviour of the PIF/CIC-NUS-6105."


What does this actually mean? well it means that Banjo Tooie will work on the upcoming 64drive flashcart and any other flashcart that doesn't have a host cart port! (when somebody makes a crack;) and the issues these games had in Surreal 64 for Xbox 1 will be solved.

X-Scale - N64 hero of the month!:)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Atari XL/XE Space Harrier Conversion Project Released.

"I’m very pleased to be able to finally announce the release of Space Harrier for the Atari XL/XE series of computers with 64K of memory or more.

In the .zip is a MaxFlash cartridge image suitable for emulators. Of course you can also use the cartridge image to program a real 8Mbit MaxFlash cartridge to run on a real machine."


Monday, July 11, 2011

Wode on the Gamecube w00t.

Back in March Emu_kidid modified the Wode (Wii addon that runs GC/Wii isos from SD card) to work on the ol' Gamecube, pretty awesome!.

Check out the tutorial here:

And some extra pics:

Awesome radio station. radio that streams keygen music! :).

Monday, July 4, 2011

Dreamworld Pogie Source Code Released (NES).

"Hi, about 10 minutes ago I was found a page on which had downloadable dreamworld pogie source.
When I opened archive, it was like "Oh, no!!" of files, and numbers of it was logical.For second I though it's too easy, but...
The only thing that needed to be done with sources was...merging files together..that's all.Oh, and change file to *NES.Header from Adventurer Dizzy plays it's role excellent.
And so, I'm first Dizzy fan to play this game(?).
I knew and powers combined can overcome anything."

Thanks &!. :).


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Factor 5 Snes Devkit Console on German Ebay.

I guess they used one of these to make Super Turrican 1/2 and Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures :).


Dragon's Lair prototype for Genesis dumped.

"Original purchase price: $800
Previous owner: Gknight

Don't ask me why, but I love this one! It's a port of the SNES game with some distinct differences in graphics and is 100% complete. The only glitch I've seen is that when you duck and fire your weapon, there is no firing animation, so you just shoot the object from your head."