Sunday, September 4, 2011

Video of Virtua Cop 3 in action on the Xbox 1 posted by Garcimak.

The Chihiro arcade game Virtua Cop 3 running on a so called "Trusty"-modded Xbox 1 which means it has a boosted CPU and 128mb ram.

The game might run fine with *only* a 128mb ram mod, but it's currently unconfirmed.

The 128mb ram mod is possible on all Xboxes except the very last 1.6 revision (slots have been removed on 1.6). The Xbox has 3 or 4 empty slots for the extra ram so all you need is a a second Xbox that you can remove the 64mb ram from and put into the other Xbox. It's not a total walk in the park to do and some soldering skills are for sure needed (and about 5 hours of time:) )