Friday, December 31, 2010

Sega accidentally uploads old build of Sonic 4 on JP Wiiware.

Interesting discovery by Evilhamwizard over at Sonicretro:

"Sega accidentally uploaded an OLDER build of Sonic 4 on Wiiware over in Japan. The build got leaked before they had the chance to upload the new one, but if you want to check it out you need to get the file under the release name "ps-wsnj". I tried looking for it for days, but the only way I was able to find a working download was on Usenet. It was on some file upload sites but they got pulled as far as I could tell. So you're going to have to do some work to find it (maybe)."

For more info on the differences check his post here:

Monday, December 27, 2010

Shadow Man 64 Brazilian Version Released.

Heres a quite obscure regional version of Shadow Man 64 released a month ago by Carrot.

"Title: Shadow Man
Date: 21/11/2010
Company: Acclaim
Area: Brazil
System: Nintendo 64
Size: 256 MBits
Supplier: Rodrigo"

Grab it here:

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Prototype of Zelda no Densetsu Released (FDS).

"Merry Christmas, everyone! We've got something special for you today: a prototype of Zelda no Densetsu, better known to most of us as The Legend of Zelda.

This is an early build of the original FDS version of Zelda, complete with different room layouts, sprite changes, new music, and odd glitches. As a lot of you guys know, it's very unusual for first party prototypes like this to make their way out to the public, so this is quite a find. "

Grab it here:

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spinouts Pokemon Monster Stadium 2 Extractor.

"Extracts 30 or so files from Pokemon Monster Stadium 2 (J). I have yet to look into any other Pokemon game versions. This extractor works by looking for calls to the file load function and tracing the lui/addiu pairs that make up the arguments to those functions. The files are in a "PERS" or "PRES" archive, whatever those are. It's some Nintendo thing, some files are JPGs in PRESJPEG files, others are Yay0 compressed files in PERS-SZP archives."

Grab it here:

DC-PC server guide for XP/Vista/7/X.

Kbuzz has written a extensive guide on how to setup a DC to PC server so peeps without a broadband adapter can enjoy Phantasy Star Online!.

Check it out:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reverse Engineering the N64 VRU.

"I have some preliminary information on the VRU that shipped with Hey You, Pikachu! I have hit a stumbling block as I don't have a way to sniff the wire and Mess does not currently emulate Hey You, Pikachu! correctly so I can't trade back and forth comparing query captures in Mess to real hardware responses on target. However, from the small amount that runs in Mess, I was able to figure out some very rudimentary things and can reliably detect a VRU plugged in using the detect accessory commands in libdragon."

More info:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gerry O'Briens DIY Game Gear Flashcart.

"For a little over a year now, I have been working on 
developing a SEGA Game Gear Flash Cartridge 
for the avid Electronics Hobbyist. 
I am still working on completing my 1 Mbyte + version. 
However, for the time being I have completed a 
circuit design that permits us to 
interface a generic 512Kb Flash chip."


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pier Solar Released! (Megadrive/Genesis).

"Pier Solar and the Great Architects is the Mega Drive/Genesis game which got its start at an internet forum back in 2004. It began as a homebrew mini-game, but later evolved into the biggest 16-BIT game ever, showing the world unseen features of its hardware more than 10 years after the last original Mega Drive/Genesis release.

By using the Mega-CD/Sega CD add-on for the Mega Drive/Genesis, Pier Solar got a richer atmosphere, stronger emotional feel and more living environment thanks to the hi-fi soundtrack and ambient sound effects on the optional Enhanced Soundtrack Disc. did what SEGA should have done!"


Super Smash Land (PC).

"Super Smash Land is completely redone with the original GameBoy in mind, capturing the nostalgic essence with two button controls and piss-green visuals, an interesting aesthetic choice to say the least. Some would argue that the Smash series has some of the most intricate controls in the fighting genre, so the concept of condensing those down to the A and B button could be somewhat baffling. Smash Land uses A for jump and B for attack – there’s no block, dodge or grab. Despite missing these critical elements, the game still plays remarkably similar to its N64 counterpart, which is to say it’s a freaking blast and a half.

Super Smash Land has no official release date, however Piki Geek will be bringing you the official PC demo this Friday, so be sure to stop back so you can get your black-and-white Smash on."


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Subdrag Releases N64 Midi Tool.

"It is open source!

Here's a preview release of the N64 Midi Tool. It's an MFC DLL + Test Application. Note that the instruments files are coded to GoldenEye, and I don't know how many instruments are in the other games so you'll have to make your own, and import files for that. There's a sample lookup for GE, as thats the default, included with the zip.

It supports all the US known midi games, so good luck! The intent is for you to use it with your own programs and make your own midi instrument lookups. It also supports extract of midis (although instruments will be their usual #s, so not right), which should be interesting.

It will be posted on RWP soon as well, once it's out of alpha.

You are free to change, use any part of this code as long as you credit SubDrag and the RWP in your release, and you post here showing what you did.

The following games are believed to be supported:
GoldenEye;Perfect Dark;BanjoKazooie;BanjoTooie;Conker;Donkey Kong;Donkey Kong Demo;Jet Force Gemini;Blast Corps;Body Harvest;Cruisn World;Diddy Kong Racing;Diddy Kong Racing 1.1;Duke Nukem 64;Extreme G;Extreme G2;Jet Force Gemini Kiosk;Killer Instinct Gold;Killer Instinct Gold 1.2;Kirby 64;Mickeys Speedway USA;Razor Freestyle Scooter"


Friday, December 10, 2010

Dragon Force II Translation Project by Verve Fanworks.

"Special thanks to Reinofhearts, who's made this possible with his awesome bilingual-ism and dedication to Dragon Force. Go check out his Youtube channel /reinofhearts and drop him a big thank you note!

If you're interested in joining the translation team, please get in touch with us at the Verve Fanworks forum: "

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Panasonic M2 Fmvs Partially Viewable.

I saw recently that somebody had dumped "Interactive GM Cadillac Demo" for the Panasonic M2 (actually two years ago but it seems it has passed by fairly unnoticed on the net).

The disc is a DVD meant for the Panasonic FZ-35S, I assume the other models only used a cd-rom?, well I don't own one so I have no idea.

I'm always curious of the various fmv-formats that consoles use so I opened up the image with isobuster which showed 4 .dat files, using the function "Find missing files and folders" on each .dat file revealed .mpeg files and many pictures.

I extracted the vids and they actually ran in VLC but with alot of corrupt frames,corrupt timeline index and no sound , so maybe this is a mission for some codec wizards to make them run using ffdshow :).

There was also some left behind pictures inside the iso indicating that this was going to be ported to the Dreamcast (or maybe it was).

Anyways here are some pictures from the videos in action with all the corrupt frames:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Flutonics Mario in Ocarina of Time Hack

"A little bit under a year after the playable Samus, this is playable Mario. This is a rip and conversion from the 64DD BIOS with even more work done so it would work in OoT nicely. I would like to thank Twili for the following:
+ Finding the 64DD BIOS for us to experiment with super early this year.
+ Being there to point out problems that he saw in my work.
+ Programming some tools for rotation and rescaling.
+ Being a professional at hierarchy and positioning Mario's upper limbs and leaving the bottom half to me."


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Killing Time 2.2 Alpha Released (3DO).

Bitrate over at has released a Alpha of Killing Time for 3DO , you can grab it here:

The .iso is unsigned so you have to run it through to get it signed.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Satcom - Ppcenters New Sega Saturn Devkit.

"SatCom is a bunch of libraries and development/debugging tools for Saturn. It has been made in order to make progress in the development of ietx2, a Saturn application I started 3 years ago.

It features:

- ietx2 application (see below).
- Saturn <-> PC data transfer tool. Supported Hardware : freewing, commscard (not tested), USB Data Link (not tested).
- Saturn <-> PC debugger, which includes library for Saturn and software for PC.
- Saturn CD-ROM library, based on CyberWarrior X's CDC library and SBL's GFS library.
- Saturn backup library (wrapper to SBL functions).
- Saturn binary -> ARP firmware conversion tool.
- Data compression library (for use on Saturn/PC), based LibLZF."

Go here to check out the whole shabang:

Friday, December 3, 2010

64drive Nearing Completion.

"I started making this because I'm tired of half-assed N64 backup crap. They all suck in their own ways, this is my attempt to fix that.

Basic features:
- 64mbytes SDRAM (this will hold any image ever made)
- Full save emulation (EEPROM 4k, 16k, SRAM, FlashRam)
- Load images FAST (9 mbyte/second)
- NO software needed. Loads off plain FAT32 formatted card.
- USB for homebrewers"

As you can see it uses CompactFlash and not SD. No matter how much people bitch I am not going to use SD. Believe me, it's for a good reason.

Saves handling: Save files are autocreated by the menu. They're stored on CF and work just like an emulatro does. For some reason PJ64 and some others use little endian byte ordering on SRAM and flashram saves, after swapping they load fine on the real thing.

Both Z64 and V64 images are supported. The byteswapping is performed in hardware by the FPGA so there's no speed penalty at all.

Bottom line: No cheaping out, no design flaws."

For more info:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Marshallhs OBJN64 Converter.

"Supports Fast3D, F3DEX, F3DEX2

You can choose whatever vertex cache size, but I've only tested it with 32 vertices/F3DEX2

Run without parameters to see options.

If you make it better let me know.

BTW you can try messing with the per-vertex ambient occlusion. Just for shits I tried it on a model I ripped from the Fable silverlight demo, just hacked it into my racing engine.

Also, for the love of god don't develop N64 using an emulator. That 15k model crashes the RSP, lol."