Friday, December 3, 2010

64drive Nearing Completion.

"I started making this because I'm tired of half-assed N64 backup crap. They all suck in their own ways, this is my attempt to fix that.

Basic features:
- 64mbytes SDRAM (this will hold any image ever made)
- Full save emulation (EEPROM 4k, 16k, SRAM, FlashRam)
- Load images FAST (9 mbyte/second)
- NO software needed. Loads off plain FAT32 formatted card.
- USB for homebrewers"

As you can see it uses CompactFlash and not SD. No matter how much people bitch I am not going to use SD. Believe me, it's for a good reason.

Saves handling: Save files are autocreated by the menu. They're stored on CF and work just like an emulatro does. For some reason PJ64 and some others use little endian byte ordering on SRAM and flashram saves, after swapping they load fine on the real thing.

Both Z64 and V64 images are supported. The byteswapping is performed in hardware by the FPGA so there's no speed penalty at all.

Bottom line: No cheaping out, no design flaws."

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