Saturday, December 4, 2010

Satcom - Ppcenters New Sega Saturn Devkit.

"SatCom is a bunch of libraries and development/debugging tools for Saturn. It has been made in order to make progress in the development of ietx2, a Saturn application I started 3 years ago.

It features:

- ietx2 application (see below).
- Saturn <-> PC data transfer tool. Supported Hardware : freewing, commscard (not tested), USB Data Link (not tested).
- Saturn <-> PC debugger, which includes library for Saturn and software for PC.
- Saturn CD-ROM library, based on CyberWarrior X's CDC library and SBL's GFS library.
- Saturn backup library (wrapper to SBL functions).
- Saturn binary -> ARP firmware conversion tool.
- Data compression library (for use on Saturn/PC), based LibLZF."

Go here to check out the whole shabang:

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