Sunday, October 24, 2010

SuperFly DX - New Atari Jaguar Game.

Don't exactly know when this game came out but it looks great and the soundtrack is awesome!.

You can buy/download it here:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Chinese SD Adapter for Dreamcast Released.

The Chinese have now begun factory producing SD adapters for the Dreamcast and you can buy one from places like (very slow server, might appear dead at times but just keep on hammering;). I guess it's just a question of time until "DealExtreme" and similar stores begin selling it.

This is basically a factory produced version of the SD adapter people have been able to make themselves for a year now so some games still lag when using this , I recommend checking for what to expect if you ever manage to obtain the Chinese SD adapter.


Edit: My friend tells me that this adapter is infact not factory produced but made by one chinese modder so my bad!:)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ice Mario/Subdrags N64 Sound Tool.

"Ice Mario and I worked together to make this a long time ago, and I have kept meaning to post it. Anyways, it's an open source sound tool for N64 ROMs, which lets you play standard format waves, and lets you add/change waves that are in the game already.

As a caveat, we never figured out how to generate predictors, so it uses a fixed set. If you want to try others to get better sounds, edit the source code, and if you create an algorithm to make them, great!

The source and program is free to distribute and use, as long as mention of the RWP and creators is done.

Have fun! Only some games use this format, so good luck. Most Rare games do. Hopefully source can also be of use to someone.

Note: Requres VS2008 Redistributable"


Friday, October 8, 2010

Album On A Megadrive Cartridge.

"The long-awaited IDM chipmusic-on-chip album 'Today' is released as a physical 16-bit cartridge for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis video game console. The sound is generated at playtime by the Yamaha YM2612 FM synthesizer chip that is built into the console. The concept is to do away with the conventional audio recording which is the standard format for practically all music now released. Breathing new life into this obsolete Sega console in 2010, 'Today' aims to reinvigorate interest in old hardware and the idea of listening to music where the sound is generated each time you listen."

Available for purchase here:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

DEFCON 18: You're Stealing it Wrong: 30 Years of Inter-Pirate Battles

You're Stealing it Wrong: 30 Years of Inter-Pirate Battles from Jason Scott on Vimeo.

"Historian Jason Scott walks through the many-years story of software piracy and touches on the tired debates before going into a completely different direction - the interesting, informative, hilarious and occasionally obscene world of inter-pirate-group battles. A multi-media extravaganza of threats, CSI-level accusations and evidence trails, decades of insider lingo, and demonstrations of how the more things change, the more they still have to keep their ratios up."

Thanks to Nitro2k01 for the heads up, check out his blog here:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

System Shock 2 Alpha Released For Dreamcast.

Pato over at Assemblergames has released a very early alpha version of System Shock 2 for Dreamcast, you can grab it here: