Monday, June 25, 2012

Pictures of Golgo 13 for CD-i surfaces.

A user called CRTdrone has posted a few pictures of the extremely rare cd-i Golgo 13 game on flickr, it appears to be some sort of visual novel game so I wouldn't expect much action.

This game and Cyber Soldier Sharaku are the rarest cd-i games since they were only released in Japan by a company called JIM, there are a few other kids titles by JIM which has been dumped though.

For more info check out: (The artist of Cyber City Sharaku)
Cd-i in Japan

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mr Nutz 2 released for Megadrive.

"Ocean released in 1994 another game on the Amiga under the name Mr. Nutz: Hoppin' Mad. 

Developed by Neon Studios, it featured the same titular character but with different, faster and more wide-open gameplay, unrelated levels and enemies, another story, and a large overworld map instead of a linear path to follow in a mini-map. 

This game was also going to be released for the Sega Mega Drive in 1995 as Mr Nutz 2, but it got shelved. A playable build exist, leaked in the form of source code and compiled upon."

Grab it here: 

Ronaldinho Soccer 64 released.

Dumped back in April, this is a hack of ISS64 released only in the football crazy nation of Brazil!.

The hack was made by
who has done alot of interesting games and hacks for the South American market. Based in Peru out of all places!.

Grab it over at

Armageddon dumped for 3DO.

I thought i'd make a note of this, it's not a unreleased game but just quite a rare one since it was only released in South Korea, it was dumped a month or so ago.

Now there's only about 4 other exclusive Asian games left to be dumped. Eye of typhoon(PC version floating around, still not dumped for 3DO), Oilman (extremely rare japanese promotional game) and eh...yeah theres some more but I don't quite remember.

Treasure of The Caribbean & Bang Bang Busters released.

Two new Neogeo releases from about two months ago, both fairly mediocre but we never thank no to new dumps!

Just throw:

Into google and you'll find 'em.

CHELNOV! - Complete unreleased game for the Saturn.

"A port to the Sega Saturn was planned, but was never released to consumers. A version of this port appeared in the Tokyo Game Show and several game stores in Akihabara around 1997, but was cancelled for unknown reasons. The content was a direct port of the arcade version and therefore completely different to the Mega Drive/Genesis port."

Released by the good folks of , they even made some nice covers for it. Grab it at the bottom of this page ->

Joe Guard - Unreleased game for the Philips CD-i

Released almost a year ago, the HalfBlindGamer brings you Joe Guard which has stuff stolen from other games, like Sonic soundfx.

Grab it here

Gotta Go Fast - Catching Up On Past Years Releases.

I'm just gonna spam some old prototype/unreleased game stuff from the past year just to play catch and have some sort of consistency with what's come out. Just Incase you were going "hey why is he posting all this old shit, I already knew of that!".

And yeah i won't post anything about Resident Evil for GBC since even my grandma knows of it ^_-

Friday, June 22, 2012

Why does Japan not have a established Pirate Party?.

You know it's a bit odd that there's no registered Pirate Party in Japan. Right now they might be heading into worse times than most European countries when it comes to piracy
Even watching a damn youtube video in Japan will get you into trouble now!.

The best thing I could find was this weaksauce attempt at facebook they better get their shit together or their freedoms will be slowly (or rapidly) be taken from them.

Meanwhile In Kazakhstan:

Reboot 2012.

Time to reboot this broken blog. Since being away alot of filelockers have been purged in the great fascist anti-sharing wave of early January, thus probably most of the links in old posts are dead.

Most of the stuff should be able to be found on places like undergroundgamer so i wouldn't worry too much about that though.

I'm going to stretch out a bit and post about not only prototype releases but just a little bit of everything that interest me, like world happenings,politics,religion and just nongaming stuff in general, though obscure gaming is still going to be the core of my posts.