Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Super Smash Land (PC).

"Super Smash Land is completely redone with the original GameBoy in mind, capturing the nostalgic essence with two button controls and piss-green visuals, an interesting aesthetic choice to say the least. Some would argue that the Smash series has some of the most intricate controls in the fighting genre, so the concept of condensing those down to the A and B button could be somewhat baffling. Smash Land uses A for jump and B for attack – there’s no block, dodge or grab. Despite missing these critical elements, the game still plays remarkably similar to its N64 counterpart, which is to say it’s a freaking blast and a half.

Super Smash Land has no official release date, however Piki Geek will be bringing you the official PC demo this Friday, so be sure to stop back so you can get your black-and-white Smash on."

Source: http://blog.pikimal.com/geek/2010/12/13/super-smash-land-a-gameboy-de-make/

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