Monday, December 27, 2010

Shadow Man 64 Brazilian Version Released.

Heres a quite obscure regional version of Shadow Man 64 released a month ago by Carrot.

"Title: Shadow Man
Date: 21/11/2010
Company: Acclaim
Area: Brazil
System: Nintendo 64
Size: 256 MBits
Supplier: Rodrigo"

Grab it here:


  1. Not really obscure. Very common around here.

  2. Valeu cara, eu nunca havia encontrado a versão brasileira desse jogo para baixar!

  3. I hope they find the brazilian South Park too!!!

  4. aqui só funcionou na versão do Project 64, mas tah sem som...

    Se alguém souber de um plugin de aúdio q deixe o jogo com som, diz aí!!!

  5. I rented this game once (This same version).
    It's nice to see a game totaly in portuguese. That's a pretty rare thing around here. By the way, that's the only portuguese translated game I ever seen in my life.


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