Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dragon Sword 64 released (N64 Beta)

"Before playing this beta, please KEEP IN MIND that it's an UNFINISHED, UNRELEASED Nintendo 64 game that was in development more than 12 years ago. Obviously it has lots of bugs and we still miss some of the planned content, but for what it is, Dragon Sword is a fun game, especially if you can play it in coop with a friend.

To better enjoy Dragon Sword, please set the difficulty level to NORMAL or HARD.

This beta build of Dragon Sword was preserved and shared over the internet in April 2010 by an anonymous collector"


Created by Team Storm at Interactive Studios / Blitzgames (the creators of Glover N64), Dragon Sword is a cancelled hack and slash game (similar to Gauntlet Legends) that was in development for the Nintendo 64. Sadly, this game was never finished because of some issues with the publisher.

Dragon Sword 64 was in danger to be lost and forgotten forever, but thanks to this playable beta, the community can preserve it's existence and give a means to all the work that was done before the cancellation.

If you loved Gauntlet Legends on the Nintendo 64 in coop mode, probably you are going to like Dragon Sword too.

We are happy that Dragon Sword 64 is now preserved, even in it's unfinished state. It's a shame that Nintendo 64 owners were never able to play this on their consoles."

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  1. Damn, nice find dude. I wish this would have come out when it was supposed to. I looks like it would have been one hell of a coop game.


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