Sunday, May 29, 2011

BS-X Project - Homebrew for the Satellaview through emulation.

Interesting project that aims to revive the satellaview with homebrew and maybe a new online fan giga-server one day (/me insane dreaming:) ).

Project homepage:

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  1. I'd like to see a fan revival of the Satellaview! Absolutely! Either emulated or using the existing hardware. Even though it's not bi-directional communication, it would be really fun and exciting to see this happen. Both Japanese and Westerners could "Relive/ or experience for the first time" the Satellaview scene.

    Though some argue that we have the internet and computers to do the job for us... and why bother.. just think of it this way: What we do on XBOX, we COULD do on Computers too.. (some of it we can do already), but XBOX mostly contains "exclusive content" that simply isn't published on the PC. The same goes for Satellaview, it would be fun and interesting to create exclusive content for it and breathe life back into it. I say go for it!


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