Friday, May 27, 2011

America Daitōryō Senkyo - The 1988 US Election 8bit Style.

"George H. W. Bush, vice President from Texas. Moderate WASP who believes in free trade."

"Michael Dukakis, an underdog candidate who would provide a challenge for an expert player to get into office."

"Jesse Jackson,a religious politician who vows to bring back Christian values to America."

"Robert, a Televangelist. born in Virginia. Ultra-conservative. New Light Christian (?), Anti-communist. " <-- from japanese wikipedia hehe, i'm not from the US but from the looks of things this dude is just a fictional character based on American christian televangelists from the 80's I guess:).

Oddly enough I don't see Al Gore anywhere in game, maybe somebody with Japanese skills can find him :). The game is text based so more or less impossible to play if you don't know Japanese.

"The priorities of the policies that the player can make were introduced to the game as the situation was in 1988 because of the Soviet Union and the COCOM. In 1991, the dissolution of the Soviet Union would eventually lead to COCOM being disbanded in 1994. South Africa had an apartheid at the time and abolished in it 1991. The Panama Canal was returned in 1999 to the people of Panama. However, it differs from the political situation encountered in the game. The "AIDS patient isolation" issue was showing an event of discriminatory policy of an era that had not shown wide public awareness about how the AIDS viruses spreads from person to person."

Wikipedia has done a pretty good job on the article of this game, it's missing a few fictional characters which are in the Japanese article though:


  1. "Robert" = Pat Robertson! I guess you can only do so much with four katakana...


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