Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Atari Jaguar 2 Prototype on Ebay.

"In 1995 rumors began to circulate that Atari was working on a replacement for the Atari Jaguar console. Codenamed "Midsummer" this new Jaguar would have a new Tom II and Jerry II chipset with better graphics, sound, more expansion and a built-in CDROM (There was also a system called JagDuo circulating in rumor circles but confusion existed as to whether the JagDuo was just a regular Jaguar with built-in CDROM or if in fact it was the Jag II with built-in CDROM.) Tom II is so large and generated so much heat, it required its own cooling fan which has to be hooked up to a seperate power source. After tinkering with the unit for a few days and fixing a few broken wires, I finally fired it up with Tempest 2k, the console works, but I find no improvements in the graphics, sound or game play, so unlocking and unleashing the enhanced features that may be present in the Jaguar II are unknown.... but it is backward compatible. "



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