Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Awesome pictures of Galaxian³ WIP arcade emulation.

"I finally had some time this week to work on this, and have most of the capturing done. I am going to do a couple more captures with different settings, but we're almost there.
I discovered a few things along the way...

- There is a digital audio track! This is the first game disc I've seen that has one. (If we had only used your LDP-1450, we'd never have known about it!) The audio is different on the digital vs analog tracks. I was able to get a direct digital copy of it with a newer player and optical cable.
- I was able to make a video file that combines the left and right screens."

More info and pics over at:

The Game:

Video of the psuedosortofupdatedsequelthingamajig:

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