Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SkunkBoard Rev. 3 Available for Pre-Order!.

"Finally, we are doing this as an extended pre-order to ensure that anyone who wants one can get in on it. The pre-order is open right now (links below) and we will start the run based on the demand that the pre-orders show on 12/1/10, with an expected delivery date of 2/15/11! If we do not have enough orders by 12/1/10 to make a new run of SkunkBoards feasible, we will go about returning everyone's money, however considering that the last two runs sold out almost immediately after going on pre-sale, we don't think that this will be likely."

"If you're a Jaguar developer, you probably already know why you need a Skunkboard -- it's a development tool that allows you to test your games on the Jaguar system by loading them via USB onto the Skunkboard's Flash Memory. If you aren't a developer, but you want to explore the world of homebrew and independent games released by others, as well as play special releases you otherwise couldn't play on a real Jaguar console!"

Skunkboard is the only flashcart for the Atari Jaguar to my knowledge so I recommend preordering one since it's not the sort of item that comes along very often:).

Preorder: http://www.goatstore.com/Products/Atari/Jaguar/152920/SkunkBoard_Rev_3/
Information: http://www.jaguarsector.com/index.php?showtopic=31942
More Information: http://www.goatstorepublishing.com/projects/jaguar/skunkboard/

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