Friday, February 25, 2011

Master Everdrive Released (SMS/GG Flashcart).

"device description:

Flash cart for Sega Master System

+ max supported ROM size up to 8mbit (1mbyte)

+ 32kb FRAM for game saves keep.

+SMS and SG-1000 games are supported

+Supported standard sega mapper and codemasters mapper

+Cart can be used on GameGear via Gear Master adapter

+USB port for homebrew development*

+OS can be updated from SD or USB

+ save ram data can be stored or loaded from SD card

+ SD/MMC cards support.

+ FAT16 support. 2GB max partition size

+Supported SD/MMC size 2GB max

+ flashed game will stay in memory after power off. so no need to choice and reflash game after each reset or power off

*USB port available only on "Master Everdrive +USB" cart version

* homebrew software could communicate with PC via virtual serial port interface. All USB port operations controlled by SMS Z80 CPU, so USB port can not be used if cart not attached to console."

Another flashcart released yesterday by Krizz and it's already out of stock in all the stores so I guess you'll just have to wait until they restock but you can buy one from once they're back :).

*Edit*: it might be good to mention that this cart does only run SMS roms ON the Gamegear with one of those adapters , it does not run GG roms on the GG (or well it does but with wrong palette and unworking joypad mapping). So if you want a true GG flashcart then wait a while cause hes working on one:).

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