Saturday, February 12, 2011

3DO version of Blue Forest Story region hacked by MNEMO.

A Russian 3DO coding dude by the name of MNEMO (same guy that made the IDE adapter for the 3DO) has hacked the Blue Forest Story region protection (actually a year ago, but nobody in the western media reported about;) ) so that it now boots on European and American 3DOs!.

This game is one of about only 5 games on the 3DO that had a region protection and it was released at the very end of the 3DOs life back in 1996, one of the significant things with the 3DO version is that it features a naked chick in the intro, this was censored in the Psx ver ^__^.

Here is the release thread

And here is the game on a russian download service that will probably die any second now so grab it before it's gone from the CYBERNET! :D[3DO]%20-%20Blue%20Forest%20Story%20SE.rar.html

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