Monday, February 7, 2011

Another video of Xbox-Yabause.

Slow week , no news! so heres a video of the latest build of Yabause for Xbox 1, it's a itsy bitsy faster than the last version and now sports a simple menu. Guardian Heroes runs surprisingly fast (without cdda though) but yeah 3D stuff still has a way to go:).


  1. It would be interesting the release an alpha version, if only for the xbox fans like me.

  2. hi
    the emulator is looking more playable than i thought would be possible on a xbox.
    is there a thread anywhere about the work that is happening with this port?

  3. Currently theres no real thread anywhere talking about the development of it but eventually there will be a official thread over at the xbox-scene forum. The guy whos porting it has said that he will try to work on it for about a year to get 3D games running full speed but maybe in the coming months there might be a release of the alpha version possibly.

    In it's current stage it's just a fun novelty :).

  4. if he makes the code available he might find more people to help him.
    Don't forget the dynarec code.


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