Friday, March 19, 2010

Weirdest console tribute album ever

Considering Japan had one single exclusive 32x game (Sangokushi IV) I find this japanese tribute album to 32x a very odd choice to release!

Heres a google translation of the japanese article (Ahoy engrish and gibberish!)

"Uebumasuta Corporation, CD album "SUPER 32X 15th Anniversary Album" released in Japan on March 31. Price is 3,625 yen.

"SUPER 32X 15th Anniversary Album", a SEGA video game consoles released in 1988 was "mega drive" from 16bit to 32bit Appuguredobusuta to juice up the "Super 32X" Release of the 15 anniversary music CD. Super 32X line of music that was released for the game software.

Super 32X music for games, the only sounds sampled PWM have been made by the instrument, which impressed the fans. This music CD is an impressive total, especially music and games among them three CD tracks 128 are fully recorded.

Main titles, became a hot topic in the mobile gaming port of the arcade version of souped-up version of "Virtua Racing Deluxe", including shooting flight "Suteraasaruto" and Kuotabyushutingu code "Pallas," and "Sonic "Robots and colleagues also designed the familiar series Senoue Makoto FPS" Metal Head "and has become."

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