Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Very simple cd-i joystick modding tutorial

So you bought a philips cd-i but you only got this piece of shit joystick with it?

(The "CD-i Wired Controller" also known as "The worst piece of shit game system control ever made , yes even shittier than the atari jaguar gamepad cause atleast you could play Flashback with the jag pad , you can't with this!")

Well then heres a small tutorial on how to make an actual gamepad out of the pcb of this piece of shit.

First we find another pad that has enough space inside it to be able to fit it with the pcb of the CD-i Wired Controller cause it has a custom chip inside it so you can't just solder the cord input onto another joystick pcb! (yeah great going there philips.)

So what we're gonna do is use another joystick pcb as a host and just solder wires from the CD-i Wired Controller cross/buttons to that pcb, it's very easy. I have chosen a snes:ish clone pad as my victim.

To be able to fit the CD-i Wired Controller pcb inside the new joystick I have sawed the host pcb into two parts and just kept the cross and button sections since we will need all the space we can get.

And here I have soldered all the wires from the button/cross section from the first cd-i pcb to the new host pcb , easy as pies.

Ok now comes the hard part: getting the crap to fit inside the pad:

It helps not being stupid like I was and used long wires , use shorter wires and you won't have to spend 10 mins trying to get the stuff to fit inside ;)

Aannnnnnd we're done

I had to use a hot glue gun to get it shut since I was forced to cut off all the screw holes to make the crap fit inside ;)

And now we can finally enjoy The Apprentice using a real pad.

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