Friday, March 12, 2010

Laserdisc gaming youtube spam post.

The first laserdisc games came out in the 80s and were mainly meant for arcades like for example Dragon's Lair and later on American Laser Games released a bunch of games like Crime Patrol and Mad Dog Mcree (ported to every damn system out there, even Wii). And then when the Laseractive came out in the beginning of the 90s another wave of laserdisc games came out and these are the interesting ones cause alot of them were produced in Japan.

J.B. Harold Murder Club , also released on Pc-Fx,Saturn,Psx but with japanese voice acting so the Laserdisc version is the best one to own from a western perspective since it's in english.

Pyramid Patrol, also ported to 3DO under the name Pyramid Intruder and only released in Japan.

Triad Stone released by Data East, also released on Saturn and 3do under the name Stahl.

Hyperion , as far as I know this is a laserdisc exclusive and i'm just guessing but I think it's made by the same team that made Pyramid Intruder.

Vajra is a laserdisc exclusive made by the now disbanded Data west (they are japanese but have nothing to do with the other company called Data East), these guys also made the excellent 2d rpg Brave Prove on PSX and the Rayxanber games on Turboduo.

Vajra must have sold well enough cause Data West also made a sequel.

Road Prosecutor also more commonly known as Road Blaster was quite successful on megacd and it was later on also ported to saturn and psx but the laserdisc version just blows these versions away in quality of course.

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