Friday, March 26, 2010

MSX in Saudi Arabia & Kuwait.

Sakhr AX170

Sometimes you don't think things can't get anymore obscure but the Msx was infact released for the arabic market.

From wikipedia we learn:

"In the 1980s, Sakhr (صخر) Computers (Developed by Al Alamyyeh, a Kuwaiti company), started the production of the first Arabian version of MSX computers. They started producing a Yamaha AX100, but also a few other models including MSX2 models. The most popular and affordable model in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf was the Sakhr MSX AX170. They were also the first to Arabize BASIC and the MSX LOGO"

Sakhr Arabic Basic

It seems there were in total 7 arabic msxes released:

MSX1 models released by Al Alamiah in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia:

Made by Yamaha

Sakhr AX100
Sakhr AX170

MSX2 models released in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia:

Made by Sanyo

AX 370

Made by Yamaha

AX 350
AX 500

Al Alamiah also released a few exclusive and localization titles for the arabic market and here are some pictures of some of them:

Ali Baba (1989)

Rainbow Stories (1986)

Shater Hassan (1987)

The Holy Quran (1987)

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