Monday, June 21, 2010

PlaySoniq for MSX.

"After months of preparation we are now at a point that it is safe to announce our next product the PlaySoniq:

This exiting new multi-expander for MSX compatible computers will open up a great deal of new possibilities. It’s main features are:

*Sega 315-5246 Audio/Video chip (found in latest Sega Master System II game consoles)
*PAL/NTSC Encoder (50/60Hz real-time software switchable)
*MOS Technology 6581 or 8580 Sound Interface Device (SID), also found in the Commodore 64/128.
*Up to 32 Megabit RAM (4MB) addressable memory
*Memory switchable between MSX or Sega Master System mode
*Spartan FPGA running at 80Mhz
*SCC/SCC-I (in FPGA) + 512KB Konami mapper, compatible with romload, loadrom and others
*JTAG Connector
*PSG to SCC redirecting in FPGA hardware, software switchable
*Real-time Joystick, Keyboard and OPLL to MSX remapping when in Sega Master System mode.
*Support for +/- 400 Sega Master System, SC-1000 and SG-3000 games
*Software switch for VDP addresses: MSX1 Mirror mode, SEGA (Franky) or Colecovision mode
*Total of 13 extra sound-channels, SID filter controllable
*Gold plated slot-connector for durability"

"At the moment the production of the PCB and the SMD components has started. Afterwards, we have to finalize the PCB’s and product packaging. Some final testing and programming also needs to be done. We hope to start shipping in August. We’ll do our utmost best to keep the final sale price between a Moonsound and a OPL4 shockwave. We have published a little video about the manufacturing process for you. Enjoy!"

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  1. A soldered on 8580? Are you fucking insane?


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