Saturday, June 26, 2010

21fx - Fmv/Cd-music on the Snes.

Chrono Trigger fmv intro from the psx version running in Bsnes.

Flashback with cd quality menu music.

"21fx is a new SNES hardware device. It gives the SNES the ability to stream up to 4GB of data, and to play back CD-quality 44.1KHz 16-bit stereo sound. These two combined allow the SNES to stream high-quality full-motion video. The above image is real, and it really does run 240x160 video at 20fps with 32KHz stereo audio. To be fair, this particular demo uses the S-DD1 memory mapper, but it shows the potential of 21fx: it will be even better via more storage space and higher quality audio.

Now I should be more specific. The hardware doesn't currently exist. You see, it's a chicken and egg problem. Without the hardware, no software will be made; and without the software, no hardware will be made. So what I am doing is using my emulator, bsnes, to create a software implementation of 21fx before the hardware exists. Please keep in mind that it is my ultimate goal to see this hardware exist in real life. The entire device has been designed with real-life hardware constraints in mind. It does nothing a real SNES could not do.

You can think of the device as what the SNES-CD would have been, sans the cartridge portion. Just the base unit: mass storage and high-quality audio. Nothing more, nothing less."

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  1. This is pretty cool, keep up the great work! Love live the SNES!


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