Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Orbatak - Cancelled 3DO-Arcade game.

Orbatak is a cancelled 3DO game made by American Laser Games that was meant to be inside a arcade cab played with a trackball, the encrypted prototype has been floating around for a year or so which can't be booted in Freedo or on a real 3DO but i've extracted some pictures found inside the disc image.

Edit: Orbatak has now been decrypted , added a youtube video of it in action (crappy sound in freedo).

Edit 2, 2011: I see this page has been posted on mameworld forums and people might be wondering how to actually get this game running.

You have to run the game through Charles Dotys "3DO Homebrew Signing Toolkit" which decrypts the game: http://www.rastersoft.net/3DO/HomebrewToolkit.rar .

You'll need some tools to extract the iso, like 3DO Commander and 3doresexplorer which can be found here: http://madroms.free.fr/3do/

Now maybe the MESS team can fix the joystick layout for this game thus making it playable :).

Orbatak flyer/manual: http://arcadeflyers.com/?page=thumbs&db=videodb&id=4409



  1. This game made it out in small amounts. I played it in San Antonio, Texas. University Bowl had it around 95-96

  2. I have 2 NOS kits with 3do machine and Orbatak disc


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