Thursday, August 12, 2010

PS2PSXe public preview released

Ffgriever has released a preview version of his PsOne emu for Ps2!:

"So as I wrote. Public PS2PSXe preview. Only command line version attached. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get current sources to work properly (I'm halfway with some major changes and it will take awhile to complete them). The one attached you can consider as "the last one that actually works", or simply rev168.

Now all the necessary stuff.

The emu supports both PAL and NTSC display, but I REALLY RECOMMEND leaving the default PAL output. Why? Well, it's the only mode I use. Many fixes were made to make PAL games show less glitches in PAL mode... When you switch the display to NTSC it most often will show more glitches."

For more info and download:

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