Thursday, August 26, 2010

64NIC+ - Surf,irc,tweet and bbs on your C64 :)

Open up the cybernet on your c64!.The 64NIC+ is a cheap way to network with your C64,it should be noted that it does not load disk images over the network but you can use 64HDD for running stuff or buy the much more expensive Retro Replay,MMC64 or wait for the Chameleon 64 but my pockets aren't that big and the others aren't available in many stores anymore!;).

*Edit: I must be blind!, jbrain is also selling a SD adapter for the C64 so thats a great option for loading stuff:)*

The main reason to buy this device is to use Contiki and the irc,bbs,twitter clients and there are actually 2 online games made by Leif Bloomquist: NetRacer and Artillery Duel! that you can play using the 64nic+.

There is one way to actually run games/apps on the c64nic+ but it requires you to burn the games/apps to a eprom and then you can slap that on the c64nic+.

WizardNJ has made a little app where you can easily choose your own games/apps and then it merges them into a eprom image ready for burning , I don't have a eprom burner but it looks pretty straight forward.

Download Wizard's Game Cartridge Maker

You can also find precompiled images over at

For just $50 this is a really great device , you even get a shell with it! but you have to cut out the holes yourself;).

I bought mine from: and it came within a week.

Check out Dkovacs review of it on youtube:

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