Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Linux gets resurrected for the Playstation 2

Turn your Playstation 2 into a computer with PS2 Linux Live DVD Version 3.

Supports the following things and more!:

- Bochs (PC emulator)
- Windowmaker (Graphic User Interface)
- Firefox
- vncviewer
- p7zip (command line tool)
- lame
- ps2fdisk_0.9-3
- mpg123
- Updated YouTube script which should work with all videos.
- EyeToy Webcam
- Support for slim PSTwo v12/v13 (v14 and higher was already working)
- Web browser: dillo (the colors are changed to be more readable on TVs)
- Internet radio: xmms (for audio support you need additonal modules)
- Video player: mplayer (which can play youtube videos)
- NTSC, DTV and VGA support.
- File system is writeable because of unionfs
- Changes can be stored on partition (see writedev parameter).
- C64 emulator
- Pigin chat client
- Transmission bittorrent client
- Power button will shutdown the system

Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kernelloader/files/BlackRhino%20Linux%20Distribution/Live%20Linux%20DVD/PS2%20Live%20Linux%20DVD%20v3/

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