Friday, July 6, 2012

Japanese nude model easter egg found inside Clockwork Knight 2.

(action begins around 0:58, have annotations on for translation)

The Japanese version of Clockwork Knights 2 contains a hidden area where you encounter the Japanese nude model Nakayama Hiroko & Tamamura from the Famitsu magazine!.

Ritz AKA Prinsdam who posted the video on youtube writes: "This could only have happened on the 4th of July, same day the discovery of the Higgs Boson was announced.

Cutscenes are only available in the original Japanese release (Pepperouchau Daiboken Gekan, they're replaced with Ginger's dialogue from the other secret exit in Fukubukuro).

To enter the secret room, do a running jump over the wall and immediately move to the left, otherwise you'll fall straight through and land on a lower platform. The box takes you back to the main course.

Playing on Normal mode gets you the girl (apparently an idol at the time with a full-nude photobook!), Hard mode for the guy.

Thanks to Peter O'Hanlon for scanning the relevant page from the strategy guide, and Michael Stearns (and his nubile sidekick Mark) for translating it and the dialogue"

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  1. Just to say that the name of the guy from Famitsu is Hamamura(浜村), and not Tamamura as written in the translation.


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