Thursday, April 28, 2011

Carrier beta released for Dreamcast by Bananabreak.

"I personally dumped this release myself using: Dreamcast (duh), BBA, SYSTEM-DISC 2, httpd-ack, Family Guy's pack, IsoBuster, HxD, Daemon Tools and last but not least the infamous Padus DiscJuggler.

As for changes to the final game I cannot say for sure but look at it this way: this build is at least 6 months before the game hit the shelves in Japan. Also there are 678 files totalling 134 Mb in this release, but 632 files at 846 Mb in the retail release. One thing is for certain: things are different!

This is the first Bananabreak release. Bananabreak are a group of Beta owners looking to release discs anonymously so I am serving as the public face (even if it is like a slapped arse!), but if there any thanks the anonymous members deserve them too!"

Grab it here:

I guess we can look forward to a few more beta releases this year, specially looking forward to playing %d~~ *prays to dreamcast gods*.

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