Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mick West writes about coding Skeleton Warriors on the Sega Saturn 1995.

"This is a document I wrote in 1995, while working on Neversoft’s first game: Skeleton Warriors. It was the first game I’d worked on where I did not use 68K Assembly.

The photo shows me at work around that time. The Saturn dev kit (the “Small Box” and the ICE) is on the right.

The following document briefly describes the state of the code for Skeleton Warriors on the Sega Saturn, and also points at some of the many things still to be done…..

The primary purpose of this document is to effectively bring Dan, Ken and James up to speed with the current code, explaining what each module does, and how they interact. It will also give Mick an overview of the sad and sorry state of his code, hopefully prompting him to pull his socks up."

Read the whole shebang here: http://cowboyprogramming.com/2010/06/03/1995-programming-on-the-sega-saturn/

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