Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spinout reveals Aria from 64DD Zelda.

"For the first time, object_human (previously believed to be "Aria") has been viewed properly with proper animations. I figured out the format through guess and check and pattern finding; it is completely unsupported by OoT's (release) engine - the model contains data of an old format."

"This model also most commonly known as the fan-given name "Aria" is a NPC dating back from the first developmental period of Zelda64 when it was still being developed for the 64DD. Not much information is really known about this girl. From Nintendo Power's first pictures of Zelda64 to its change over to Ocarina of Time there has been NO MENTION of this NPC's name, role in the game, except that she appears in a screenshot at the mythical Zola Lake infront of a house. According the text under the screenshot showing 3 different girls, it is shown that they were NPC's with a similar design that needed help with something, as like a side quest or gave information to help link further his quest. "

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