Saturday, July 17, 2010

IDE adapter for 3DO

Heres a cool project I stumbled over, it's a russian guy whos made a ide adapter for the 3DO. The whole page is in russian so google translate will have to make do but theres alot of nice pictures :D.

"In February 2009, I began to develop this device.
Because no one could create such a device, I do not was sure that I can,
and therefore did not once again stir the people. (As some are doing: D)

Most of the time left to reverse engineering and theoretical part.
The most difficult thing was to find a way to connect, providing 100% compatibility.
P ervym thing I did was look inside her bus XBUS.
Then dismantled and its Protocol and the command system of the native CD drive.
These searches and research is progressing very hard and looked like searching a needle in a haystack. "

Currently the adapter only works with fz-10, but he plans to support Goldstar(GDO-202) and FZ-1 soon.

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