Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dreamcast SD iso/homebrew loader !

It appears some russians have created a iso loader for the spanish dreamcast sd adapter project and it seems to be working good! :)

Here is a babelfish translation of the spanish site:

"They have updated module SDISO of the DREAMSHELL to the 0.2.0 and the most important characteristic is than it takes commercial games from the SD! There are some characteristics to consider: - All the games do not work, but they assure that a 50% would have to work. - Nonsupport of CDDA (the games use that it simply will not have music, but they would have to go). - There is small lags between loads they will fix (it in future versions…). - Only load images ISO 9660."

News Source: http://www.dreamcast.es/
Dreamshell: http://www.dc-swat.net.ru/ds/download/

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