Thursday, July 1, 2010

USB enabled gameboy camera mod.

"Recently a few of my mods have been called into question regarding their complexity, rather than seeing this as a negative i saw this as a challenge to do better. So I have been working on a few more complex mods.

First I gotta thank nitro2k01 for sticking by me on this project, there were a few times when I was going to give up on this, but staying up late, bouncing ideas off each other made this project happen

So this is my USB enabled camera, it is a Gameboy Camera with its ROM chip replaced with a flashable chip, and a USB programmer wedged in there too.

What’s the point? Well now the camera works like a real digital camera, i can plug it straight into the computer and dump the saves without a gameboy or a programmer. If littleFM works i can put the camera software on there and other roms too like LSDJ. If I can work out how the camera part works then i could make some interesting home brew software which uses the camera."


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