Tuesday, July 13, 2010

64DD Ipl gameshark dumping utility.

The 64DD ipl dump is easy to find but the tool for actually dumping it is very hard to find so the only reason i'm posting this is so that people who google for it will actually find it.

"### What's this? ###
This is a patch for GameShark Ulitiles that can dump 64DD IPLROM.
Please apply patch to "N64 Version 3 Utilities Hi-Res Patch".
download at http://doc.kodewerx.org/

This IPL rom are dumped from retail 64DD.
using GameShark and Hacked GS Utility."

Here is the japanese site of the guy who released the tool back in 2009 http://nekokabu.s7.xrea.com/
A mirror of the .zip incase his site vanishes: ipldmp_patch.zip

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