Friday, July 16, 2010

Tree sap decapping :)

"I dissolved the plastic casing in acetone and tried sanding down the epoxy blob which didn’t work real well so I started looking for a chemical solution. Apparently people don’t like giving out Nitric Acid so I had to find an alternative. I found a dead site describing using Rosin which is basically just tree sap. I tracked some down at the local musical instrument store since violinists use it for what not.

After boiling a smartcard in it for about 20 minutes and dissolving the residue with acetone the chip came out beautifully clean and undamaged. I glued it down to a microscope slide to have something solid to work with, it really is incredibly small. Since the Microscope I was using was 30 years old I couldn’t get any decent pictures so I’m gonna try finding a better one."

The idea of something as archaic as tree sap being used to decap chips just sounds awesome :)

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