Saturday, July 3, 2010

Super Mario Bros ported to Megadrive/Genesis.

"After read the title, maybe some ones thought "WTF means a so strange title?", but I'm sure all the games lovers recognized inmediatly the first 3 letters as from Super Mario Bros, the classic of the classics. Well, that is exactly what is this, a complete port of the Super Mario Bros game from NES to our lovely Genesis.
Of course, some people can say: "oh, sure, this is awsome , well done on copying a game that is ported to at least ALL the consoles in existence", but the amazing of this port in particular is the fact that I used an automatic conversor to "translate" from the 6502 asm (NES processor) into the M68K asm. In fact, despite the HUGE optimisation I did only to fit the game in less that 64kb (I was thinking to create a LAKABAJO version... maybe in the future, when I build mine ), at least the 75% of the code is still untouched after the translation.
Of course, I nedeed to create from scrath the I/O function, which emulates "on the fly" the NES I/O function, since ALL THE ORIGINAL DATA IS STILL HERE. Also, if you check the memory usage, only $800 bytes are used (000-7FF, like in the original NES!!)"

Download the game here
and check out the original post of it here:

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