Saturday, July 24, 2010

BrokenLizards Saturn floppy drive SD adapter

"I have been very busy with work and have found few opportunities to work on this project. However, I have made some progress. In a couple of months, I may be able to dedicate more time to completing the design.

The project's goals have evolved over time. Presently, the project consists of two parts, developing a replacement Sega Saturn floppy drive that uses SD cards instead of floppy disks and creating an adapter allowing a Sega Saturn floppy drive to be attached to a computer. The final design will be compatible with the official software.

At the moment, the project is not ready for public testing.

Implementing the SD card protocol - 85%
Hardware design - 25%
Schematic of Sega Saturn floppy drive – 40%
Documenting the serial backup device communication protocol – 60%"

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